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Now you will find an exciting new video feature on our web site focused entirely on the beautiful, single Philippine women profiled on our web site. We will be releasing a new video featuring several of these REAL women along with news and updates direct from our Philippine operations (Cebu and Davao). In each video you will be able to watch and listen to the women having fun at the beach, being treated to a nice meal at a popular restuarant or simply exploring and showing you their city while they talk about themselves and their own aspirations.

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Philippine Women Weekly Preview Video

WARNING: Watching these videos will make you wish you were there! Would YOU like to be able to attend the shooting of Philippine Monthly? You gotta be there!

Archieved Releases for Philippine Women Weekly Episodes

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PW Video Episode 228: Davao City: The Land of Promise & Filipina Women

Filipina women who are looking for a REAL relationship
Here's your monthly taste of the real and sweet life - The Davao Life. Like they say, not all that glitters is gold. Not all pretty girls are looking for someone to settle down with. And we are here to make your life a whole lot easier! We have rounded up a few of the most sincere girls in Davao City, Philippines. And when we say few, we mean it! Davao City is filled with beautiful ladies who are in it for real.. what are you waiting for?

PW Video Episode 226: Davao City Socials

Here's a glimpse of the real thing.
It's going to be you versus a hundred single women. A night full of fun and beauty! Where else in the world will you be able to find an experience like this? As the AFA Davao City office is notorious for its high success rate on engagements, we make it a point that you just don't read about it. We make sure that you hear about their experience straight from the couples themselves! Curious? Watch the video to find out more!

PW Video Episode 225: How about extra hot this Summer?

7 Davao Ladies that will surely ignite your heart!
Hot! Hot! Hot! Get ready to be hooked by the hotness of these 7 Davao Ladies! They are not just sexy, but they have the personality of a real Filipina! Loving, romantic, understanding, patient, caring, and most of all genuine. Those are the best qualities that Philippine Ladies have. And that is the reason why lots of foreign guys are attracted to Filipina. So don't miss the chance of knowing these Davao Ladies more! One of them might be your Lifetime partner! Book your flight to Davao now and like what I've always said, "Experience real love here in Davao, Philippines!". See you here!


Get ready to be hit by Cupid's arrow because of these 12 Davao Angels!
Hello month of Love! Any plans for this wonderful season? Valentines day is one of the favorite season for most of us. It's the time where we received gifts, dating with your special someone, experience romantic gestures, and most of all, making your loved ones even more special and making them feel your love for them. How about you? What would you like to experience this Valentines Season? How about a date with one of these 12 Davao angels who are waiting for you here in Davao, Philippines! Know these Davo Ladies! Write them letters! And the best gift you can give these ladies is a visit from you! So book a trip to Davao now! Or join our March Tour 2016! See you here!

PW Video Episode 219: Happy Holidays! Happy New Year! Beautiful Filipino Women!

Sharing some of Davao's memorable moments during holidays plus 5 Davao Filipino women that will ring your bells!
WELCOME 2016! Is it too late for these beautiful Filipino women seeking marriage to greet you guys? Well anyway, we still want to greet and thank you with all the wonderful memories we've shared last 2015 and we are sure that we will going to have an incredible year this 2016! And here is a wonderful start for this year. Aside from sharing some of our photos during Holidays here in Davao, 5 NEW GORGEOUS DAVAO FILIPINO WOMEN will introduce themselves to you in this week's episode! So sit back, relax, and enjoy new faces! Know these ladies more and see them in person only here in DAVAO, PHILIPPINES! THEY ARE ALL LONGING TO HAVE A LIFETIME PARTNER THIS 2016 AND HOPING THAT THEIR RIGHT MAN IS WATCHING NOW! ENJOY!

PW Video Episode 217: Fall In Love With A Filipino Woman!

Davao's October Socials Party 2015: Featuring Stunning Single Ladies from Davao.
IT'S PARTY TIME! Let me show you how Davao people celebrate the most awaited event of the year. DAVAO'S OCTOBER SOCIALS 2015, another wonderful moment to treasure. All the Talking, dancing, playing parlor games, bonding with all the Davao Ladies during the party and other actives are all REAL AND GENUINE! Just relax and stay where you are right now while watching this episode and don't miss every single part of it because you might miss knowing someone in the 32 Stunning Davao Ladies featured in this video. GRAB YOUR NOTE AND PEN NOW!!! And don't forget to write down their ID NUMBERS. YOU WILL SURELY WANT TO WRITE THEM LETTERS TOO SO YOU CAN KNOW THEM BETTER OR COME OVER HERE IN THE DAVAO, PHILIPPINES AND MEET THEM IN PERSON!! SEE YOU HERE!! SEE YOU NEXT DAVAO TOUR IN 2016!


22 Davao Ladies, single and ready to settle down.
IT'S RAINING WOMEN HERE IN DAVAO! 22 Davao Ladies will surely drive you crazy! Through the way they move, they smile, and the way they glance, you will really see how sincere and genuine they are. You might think that these Ladies were just teasing you, but believe it or not, they are all serious in finding their lifetime partner. I'm sure you're planning your trip to Davao now. Make it come true as fast as you could before you'll miss the lady who captured your heart this time. Don't let regrets enter the scene so MAKE A MOVE NOW!! BOOK YOUR FLIGHT TO DAVAO NOW! They are all excited to meet you!

PW Video Episode 211: Why I fell in love with Cebu?

Cebu City Tour August 2015 - Get ready for Adventure
See for yourself as we guide you along the way to experience the adventure to the Queen City of the South Cebu Philippines. Travel from Cebu's famous historical landmarks. We visit Magellan's Cross, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, Fuerto de San Pedro, Cebu Taoist Temple, Busay "Tops" and Lantaw Native Restaurant. Expect not only adventure but also mouth-watering treats, best vibes, tourist, food, panoramic view and everything where you can enjoy together with your partner. BOOK NOW! Prepare your travel bags and SIGN UP right now, as it only happens here.


8 Davao Ladies. hopeful and patience in waiting their ONE TRUE LOVE.
TRUE LOVE WAITS! But these Davao Ladies can't wait any longer and you might miss the one who captured your heart because she is already engaged. So don't waste your time!!! Don't you ever miss another opportunity!! You have to move and book your flight to come over here in Davao so you could meet them personally and know them personally!!! But if you want it slowly, you can also write these Lovely Davao Ladies so you can know them as time goes by. DAVAO LADIES are REAL AND GENUINE!!! THEY ARE JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO ARRIVED INTO THEIR LIVE. So Write them letters or Book now!


Third set of Lovely Davao Ladies will be joining the upcoming DAVAO OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY 2015!
HOT! HOT! HOT! For sure you can't help addicted by these Davao Ladies! So don't miss this opportunity again!! Before these Ladies got engaged to someone else!!! THESE DAVAO LADIES ARE SINGLE! READY TO MINGLE! AND THEY ALL HAVE GENUINE INTENTIONS IN FINDING THEIR ONE TRUE LOVE WHO COULD BE WITH THEM FOREVER!! So SIGN UP for your DAVAO OCTOBER TOUR NOW!!! AND EXPERIENCE THE INCREDIBLE SEARCH FOR REAL LOVE!!! See you here in Davao this October! THESE LADIES ARE WAITING..

PW Video Episode 206: Road to Forever

Stephen and Jiza's Wedding
Love is a magical and special time, when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody; you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible. Celebrating the magnificent occasion with Stephen and Jiza's wedding. As they turn the page together for the beginning of their chapter as husband and wife. A special day, bond the two hearts and tell the world that they finally tie the knot and say "yes I Do". Come over and don't hesitate to meet up and have a chance to come across our lovely ladies in Cebu. Witness the captivating moment where you can never be alone in your whole life. Speed up now to sign our Tour or Asian Club.

PW Video Episode 204: Cebu Grand Social Tour August 2015 First Night

Make it real! Make it happen!
The much awaited event happens right here in Water Front Hotel and Casino Cebu. Hang on and watch where everybody extremely adored the AFA- Cebu Grand Social August Tour 2015 first night. Together with our stunning and delightful Filipina women gathered with lots of clients and guests. Chasing hearts together to fulfill their dreams and find the right true one. Experience and have a chance to meet and greet our gorgeous genuine women. Just give it a shot and see yourself to talk with them, laugh everything and anywhere under the sun. SIGN UP AND MAKE A MOVE. FALL IN LOVE AND EXPERIENCE RIGHT NOW!

PW Video Episode 208:  BELIEVE IT OR NOT 25 Ladies waiting to meet you in DAVAO!

2nd set of Lovely Davao Ladies joining the upcoming DAVAO OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY 2015!

PW Video Episode 207: An astonishing treat for you!

Meet and greet these 10 Lovely Davao Ladies this coming DAVAO OCTOBER TOUR 2015!
The big event is coming up!!! OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY 2015, are you all ready? Here is the first batch of Davao Ladies joining the most awaited party. SINGLE! READY TO MINGLE! AND THEY ALL HAVE GENUINE INTENTIONS IN FINDING THEIR ONE TRUE LOVE WHO COULD BE WITH THEM FOREVER!! So SIGN UP for your DAVAO OCTOBER TOUR NOW!!! AND EXPERIENCE THE INCREDIBLE SEARCH FOR REAL LOVE!!! See you here in Davo this October!

PW Video Episode 205: An Inspiring Episode From The Philippines

Exclusive interview of Chennie and Michael, one of the successful couples Davao had plus 2 Pretty Single Ladies!
Be inspired by these beautiful couple from Texas, Michael and Chennie. They will share the story behind their Happy Ever After. You have to take down notes also because you can get ideas and advices about having a wonderful Filipina wife. Not just that! 2 Sweet lovely Ladies from Davao will introduce themselves to all of you too! So relax and get ready! Find your REAL LOVE HERE IN DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINES!!! SEE YOU SOON HERE!

PW Video Episode 202: Come and join us in Cebu City Waterfront Hotel and Casino Pool Party Part 2

Make a splash and come across our stunning Ladies of Cebu
Witness our gorgeous young Ladies wearing bikinis and experience the exciting fun in Cebu City Hotel and Casino Pool Party Part 2. Take the chance to meet them in person and embrace the beautiful culture of the Philippines. As the saying goes that searching the right one is like baking a cake, you wait patiently and it will be sweet in the end. Take a single step, fall in love and inspired by this stunning and incredible young ladies of Cebu. Experience it for real, don't pressure and give it a try. Visit us now!!! See you here in Cebu and start your expedition and make it happen!

PW Video Episode 203: Q. and A.With Lovely Davao Ladies

6 Stunning Ladies inviting you to come and enjoy our KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL 2035
We know that you have lots of questions in your mind and these 6 gorgeous ladies from Davao might answer some of those. So get ready with their genuine and honest answers because they might surprise you!!! And oh! Aside from that revelation, these ladies will reveal their sexy side too, as they wear two piece while enjoying the refreshing environment of the beach. So don't hesitate to write these Davao Ladies or see them in person!! I know you'll be captured not just by their sexiness, but most importantly because of their PURE AND GENUINE INTENTION. COME TO DAVAO NOW AND EXPERIENCE REAL LOVE!

PW Video Episode 200: Watch us in Waterfront Lahug Pool Party

Let's celebrate and meet our sexy young ladies of Cebu
Hear the music, feel the beat, while searching for their perfect one, a magical moment. Come and join us in our Pool Party where single ladies and lots of fellas jamming live at Lahug Waterfront Hotel and Casino, in the heart of Queen City of the South: Cebu. Meet our young and stunning beautiful ladies in their sexy bikinis while relaxing and enjoying drinks, sumptuous food and great accommodation. Discover that love is not really a mystery, but instead, a process like anything else. A process that requires trust, effort, focus and commitment by two willing partners. So what are you waiting for? Hurry! Sign up now for the August 28 Cebu Social Tour and let's Party!

PW Video Episode 201: A Sweet Invitation

6 Stunning Ladies inviting you to come and enjoy our KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL 2015
LET'S ALL HAVE A BIG SPLASH OF FUN! Enjoy watching our this week's episode with 6 stunning Davao Ladies enjoying each other's company in one of the beautiful tourist spots here in Davao City, THE EDEN NATURE PARK. Experience the relaxing place of Eden as these ladies tell you more thoughts why you should come and visit Davao City. FEEL THE NATURE!! And ready yourself to be captured by the CHARMING PERSONALITIES OF THESE 6 DAVAO LADIES!! And oh! THE KING OF ALL FESTIVALS IN THE PHILIPPINES IS COMING UP TOO! BOOK YOUR FLIGHT NOW! IT'S MORE FUN IN DAVAO!

PW Video Episode 199: Wanna have some Shake?

A refreshing girl bonding in Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant.
Five Davao Ladies will refresh your day! As they compare themselves into their favorite shake drink while enjoying their girls' night out at Jack's Ridge Resort and Restaurant. It's a place where you can enjoy fine dining, sweet serenading music from a band, Cool and refreshing air, and of course the overlooking view of Davao City where you can site amazing colorful lights. This place is one of the wonderful sites where you can have a date with your special someone. And who knows? One of them will be the perfect lady for you!! So don't be too skeptical to come and visit DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINES!! BOOK YOUR FLIGHT NOW!

PW Video Episode 198: Summertime in Rainy Season?

Experience summer-like with these hot, sexy ladies of Cebu.
Who would say that summer is over? Not at all! Get ready to be sizzled and fired up when you meet these 6 fiery and sweet ladies this coming Cebu August 2015 Social Tour! Who knows one of them will make you say "She's the ONE"? And of course when we talked about love and intimacy, let's hear these six dazzling ladies as we get to know them better. We know that finding the one lucky girl will change everything. These ladies talked about their lives, what they're looking for and even intimacy. So, in order to have that, let's go ahead and meet them. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and be enthralled with the fascinating places and these lovely ladies of Cebu. See you SOON, Guys!

PW Video Episode 197: Picnic time!

Enjoy the day with these fascinating ladies from Davao
It's nice to have picnics under the tree, with the sunny-breezy weather, relaxing tweets of the birds, fresh air, delicious foods and oh! How about with these Davao Ladies beside you sitting over the cloth? Very remarkable right?! Here's 6 Davao ladies enjoying picnic together and they will tell you more about themselves too! So ready your pens and notes because they might surely capture your heart! You could also visit them here in Davao, Philippines!! These Ladies are waiting

PW Video Episode 196: Let's explore Bohol, Philippines, God's little creation.

Watch these Stunning Ladies of Cebu as we explore the Famous Island of Bohol.
Let's take it away as we look for more adventures in Bohol. Watch these guys with their dates as we return to the beautiful Bohol Island. It's a romantic place for a day tour to all lovers for it brings us closer to nature. See more of these as we give you our romantic glimpse of awesome Bohol and the four Stunning Ladies awaits you this coming August tour. The place is serene and very tranquil. It is like getting a great contentment and joy to the beauty surrounding you. Come and join us to take this pleasure of adventure and romantic escapade. We want you to experience all of these in the next social tour this August 2015. See you, soon Guys!

PW Video Episode 195: Simple yet wonderful!

5 Genuine Ladies from Davao that will surely melt your heart.
Another delightful sunny day for our Sweet Lovely Davao Ladies. They've enjoyed the day together as they build new friendships. Aside from that, they all have the same dream and that is to find their LIFETIME PARTNER who could be with them for the rest of their lives genuinely and faithfully as they are real and genuine ladies too. So enjoy your day watching this video of 5 Davao ladies and let them melt you with their simplicity yet real genuine heart. Especially when you will fly over here in Davao, Philippines and be with these Davao Ladies! SEE YOU HERE SOON!

PW Video Episode 194: A Splashing Good Time!

Chill out at the pool with us and some clients and meet 4 lovely, available ladies from Cebu! It's our tour Pool Party!
Exhausted from the Social Nights? Come and join these guys with their dates in splashing and chilling the cold waters in the pool. This time, meet 4 gorgeous sweet ladies of Cebu as they're going to attend the August Social Tour 2015. Let's hear them for they are hoping to find the love of their life. It's never too late to join us, guys and experience this one kind of romantic tour here in Cebu, Philippines. We know it's more fun in here, most especially the water and with stunning ladies around. Sign up for Cebu Tour this August 2015 and who knows, you will find what you're looking for. SEE YOU SOON, Guys!

PW Video Episode 193: The Story Throughout Happy Ever After

Exclusive interview of Bebz and Chris K. Plus 3 stunning Davao Ladies.
Who doesn't remember Bebz and Chris? I'm pretty sure most of you do remember them?! And maybe curious about what happened to them during their Happily Ever After. It's just so wonderful to see this couple again after a long time. They've touched and inspired lots of people by their love story that's like a Fairytale. And now they will share their life as husband and wife with all of us. So ready your notes and pen because you will get advices from them. Let's be inspired again by this couple plus three Davao Ladies that will surely blow your mind. SIT BACK, RELAX, AND DON'T FORGET THAT DAVAO, PHILIPPINES IS A RIGHT PLACE TO FIND REAL LOVE! (Wanna see there Happy Ever After Episode? See PW Episode 068: Happily Ever After - A True Story of Real Love)

PW Video Episode 191: Robert M. and Marlyn, a successful couple...

Witness the testimony of this wonderful couple plus 3 Pleasing Ladies from Davao.
The happiest moment in this journey is when the couple successfully passed the VISA PROCESS. And this couple Robert and Marlyn are the best example of being successful from the beginning until the end of the Visa process. Let us hear their beautiful Love story as they grab this incredible opportunity. Of course! 3 beautiful Davao Ladies will also be introduced to you. Get ready and be inspired! Let this episode open your heart and mind. We're waiting to see you here in Davao pretty soon!! BOOK NOW!!

PW Video Episode 189: MARCH TOUR EXCURSIONS 2015...

Enjoying Davao with the Gorgeous Davao Ladies!
Thrill? Adventure? Summer fun? You can experience all those things here in DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!!! And of course, it's more special because you'll enjoy those things with the Davao beauties. Davao Tour really has many things to offer to you! And like most of our clients said, you won't regret visiting Davao. So just relax and ready to take notes because this episode will also feature 5 Gorgeous Davao Ladies. The moment you'll know them, I'm sure you can't wait to come here. So, book your flight now and experience this opportunity! Or JOIN OUR NEXT TOUR THIS OCTOBER, 2015!!! See you here in Davao, Philippines!

PW Video Episode 187: Generosity of AFA Clients...

AFA Davao and Client's donate and visit Cancer Patients and Charity Institution. Plus 3 Lovely Davao Beauties.
This episode might touch your heart knowing that there are some people who stays strong and live their life with full of hopes and thankfulness. Some of our Davao Staff and one of our tour clients who have a big heart didn't hesitate to donate and visit a Charity Institution here in Davao City. The Institution is called Davao Children Cancer Fund, INC. (DCCFI). It is a Charity Institution that takes good care of the Cancer patients from newly born baby to 19 years old coming from different parts of Mindanao and gives shelter called House of Hope. It is really a heart warming experience to see people who strongly live their life to survive and never forget to be happy despite of the struggles they're undergoing. Isn't it inspiring? Oh!! How about knowing these three lovely beauties form Davao too? EXCITING For sure!!! So sit, relax, and enjoy this episode from Davao!! All these opportunities are waiting for you here! COME AND VISIT US HERE IN DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!! BOOK NOW!

PW Video Episode 185: MISS AFA - MARCH TOUR 2015

22 Gorgeous Single Davao Ladies plus 3 couples testimonies that will touch your heart.
New sets of Gorgeous Davao Ladies had joined the MISS AFA last March Socials 2015. They were so glamorous and witty as they walk on the floor and speak up their pick up lines to the guys. Not only the guys were blown away with their sweet words, but all of the audiences were amused at the same time too. You will hear also three testimonies from our wonderful clients who've just found their REAL LOVE that will surely make you realize that finding your TRUE LOVE ISN'T TOO LATE YET!! So, just sit back and relax! You will definitely enjoy watching this episode because 22 Single Davao Ladies will introduce themselves to all of you! And hopefully you will be the next lucky guy to experienced this AMUSING and INCREDIBLE event of the year.. SEE YOU NEXT TOUR, ONLY HERE IN DAVAO,PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 184: Meet the SWEETEST girls in Cebu!

Cebu January Grand Social Tour 2015 - Social One
Do you know that top reasons why you should visit Cebu, Philippines? Well, you need not to look further because Cebu has it all! Fine beaches, impressive restaurants, impeccable hotels, and most of all gorgeous ladies are everwhere. Yes, they're everywhere. Here in the Philippines, your money will go a long, long way! It's not so expensive to travel here. You can enjoy all the perks and have fun in a reasonable price. By travelling here you'll have the opportunity to stay away from the normal routine and do something extraordinary. Witness the first night of January grand social tour 2015 and you'll see how we give our clients priceless happiness and satisfaction. Experience it NOW!

PW Video Episode 183: DAVAO MARCH SOCIALS 2015

Having fun with the Gorgeous Davao Ladies
MARCH SOCIALS 2015 has come! Here's a preview of the activities we all shared and enjoyed together with the Davao Ladies and our Wonderful guests. Another memory became unforgettable and another set of couples has been engaged through this INCREDIBLE EVENT! And of course, lots of new Davao ladies joined the party.. This time, 17 Davao Ladies were featured, and they are really serious in finding their love of their life. BE MESMERIZED! BE FORTIFIED! AND DON'T STOP YOURSELF IN EXPERIENCING THIS KIND OF OPPORTUNITY! Make a move to find your ONE TRUE LOVE and DAVAO WILL BE THE BEST CHOICE FOR YOU!! SEE YOU NEXT DAVAO TOUR THIS COMING OCTOBER, 2015!

PW Video Episode 182: Jack's Engagement and Dinner Celebration

Let the love begin!
Listen up guys! This is not a simple math calculation. The only difference between love and destiny is mutual attraction. There is no specific map that can take you where your heart should go. When destiny falls into the right place and time, then get ready to embrace romance. Perfect timing is the key. Currently, you'll witness an impeccable love story of Jack and Lota. It takes two people who want to love. And it takes two people who want to be loved. It's like a celebration of hearts. Isn't it amazing? Would you like to experience this kind of story as well? It's never too late to be the next lucky guy like Jack. The only thing you need to do is to start packing up and buy a ticket to be HERE in CEBU. What are you waiting for?


Testimony of Greg and Juliet plus Three New Wonderful Davao Ladies
Davao City has a lot to offer to you! IT'S SAFE HERE and lots of Beautiful Sceneries like Garden resorts, Pool and Beach Resorts, and Wonderful Malls which you could really enjoy. Include also the animal encounters, the extreme adventure rides like zip lining, skycycling, and many more, and lots of wonderful restaurants offer cheap prices of delicious foods. And oh! Don't forget The most Wonderful women in the planet, THE PHILIPPINE LADIES particularly the DAVAO LADIES. This week's episode, three Davao Ladies will introduce themselves to all of you. These ladies are real and genuine and they are really serious in finding LOVE. And aside from that, another couple will share their story and hoping that they could inspire you more. So, Sit back! Relax! And open your heart and mind. BOOK YOUR FLIGHT NOW! AND EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF DAVAO CITY! Especially in finding your ONE TRUE LOVE. SEE YOU HERE IN DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 180: Island Hopping + Snorkeling + Gorgeous Cebu Ladies

Let's have fun under the heat of the sun!
Summer is never ending, only here in Cebu, Philippines. Where you can do snorkeling, diving, swimming, while enjoying the prestigious marine sanctuary. Nothing is better than being less than an hour drive away from the white sand beaches and breathtaking resorts. It's a perfect escaped with your date while having a perfect lunch with a taste of fresh seafoods. It's like a paradise, indeed! This is an extraordinary adventure where you can explore the beauty of Cebu while you're on your romantic date. Isn't it amazing? This day tour gives you a combination of excitement and fun with a twist of unique experience. You might want to JOIN us next time? BOOK NOW!

PW Video Episode 179: 6 YEARS AND STILL LOVING

MARCH TOUR is coming up!!! Are you ready? Well, you should be ready! Because these 23 beautiful, stunning Davao Ladies are waiting for you here! Not only these 23 ladies, but lots of Wonderful Davao ladies are joining the SOCIALS PARTY this March. Like what you have seen in our episodes about the party, you will experience exceptional fun. And who knows? This time, you will find the love of your life! Just like our featured couple in this episode, Roger and Venus. They are already 6 years of being married and still loving each other. This couple will really inspire you! So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode and DON'T FORGET TO SIGN UP FOR YOUR DAVAO MARCH TOUR 2015 this time while it's not too late yet! WE'RE WAITING FOR YOU HERE!

PW Video Episode 178: All the best spots and things to do while you're in Cebu!

Discover the allure of Cebu's major landmarks.
Enjoy the top sights in Cebu: Fort San Pedro, Magellan's Cross, Basilica Minore del Santo Niño, Parian, Tops, and Lantaw. Visiting some of the historical places in Cebu will surely make you feel like home. Embrace the beautiful culture that Cebu has to offer. This is a tour dedicated to the sights, flavors, sounds, and colors of Cebu. Be thrilled by the breathtaking mountain scenery from the panoramic view of Tops. The perfect destination to spend quality time with your date. With an awesome view of the metro, clients had their lunch at Lantaw Native Restaurant. This is another one of the favorite dining spots by both locals and tourists. Are you ready to be the next happiest man alive? BOOK now and JOIN our next August Tour 2015 only here in Cebu, Philippines.


Davao's Valentines Episode PART 2 - Featuring 6 Davao Ladies
HELLO FEBRUARY! Did you ready yourself for a wonderful and romantic Valentines day date? Well the moment you'll see and know these 6 Davao Ladies, you should ready yourself!!! We're not forcing you guys, but we're warning you because these Davao Ladies are really mesmerizing and you couldn't imagine someone else sweeter than these Davao Ladies. They are so romantic and genuine! They hope you're romantic too So if you're alone, don't hesitate to come over here and start your dream love story come true! As Franklin P. Jones says: "Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." Life isn't that happy and wonderful without experiencing real and genuine love. And now, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Come over here in Davao this coming Valentine's day or you could also join our TOUR this MARCH, 2015. Lots of Davao Ladies will be present on that big event. And who knows? You will find your lucky woman here in Davao. JUST OPEN YOUR MIND AND HEART AND LET LOVE ENVADE YOURELF AND MAKE A BETTER HAPPY LIFE WITH A DAVAO WOMAN. See you here in DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 176: True love is Ageless

Michael and Gina's Wedding
The most matched couple you've ever witness. Congratulations to the newly married couple Michael and Gina! Looking back years ago, when Michael met Gina here in AFA Cebu little did he know that she will be his lawful wife now? Anything can happen and it will only take place if you will try to come over here and experience an amazing search. That's a living proof that in order for you to alter your life for a great change, it takes one email, one decision, to make your dreams come to reality. Take a leap of faith to embrace an extraordinary happiness. Life is better when it is shared by two. The only question is, are you ready to make a change? Do it NOW! Our ladies here awaits to meet you.


Davao's Valentine Episode PART I - Featuring 5 Davao Ladies
Are we too advance in celebrating the Valentine's day? Well for us here every day is Valentine's day, especially for the Davao Ladies. Their hopes and faith about finding their TRUE LOVE is unstoppable. They are very sincere and genuine about their feelings. And of course, THESE LADIES ARE REAL! How about you? For sure, you have the same thoughts too, but you were just confused about making it come true. Like what we've always said in every episode, stop being so skeptical and see it for yourself that everything you will experience in coming over here in Davao is TANGIBLE that will surely bring a BIG CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE. A change that will give you REAL LOVE. So dare to begin your search and do it here in Davao, Philippines! SEE YOU HERE THIS VALENTINE'S DAY!!.

PW Video Episode 174: Island hopping + August Social Tour 2014

This how we party! Swim all day and party all night!
Just a short boat ride from the city, we give you the spectacular island hopping. Enjoy watching it with our happy clients from August Social Tour 2014. We will show you how we party here in Cebu. As you choose to stay here, it's also a perfect time to explore yourself in the pristine beach of Cebu. Utterly authentic and known to be one of the most visited spots here in the Philippines. Spend your day and have fun while snorkeling together with our lovely ladies. Nothing to worry about if you don't know how to start. Simply buy a ticket and join our JANUARY TOUR 2015. We will help you from START to finish. Experience the talk of the town party and get ready to embrace an amazing search you could ever imagine! What are you waiting for? JOIN US NOW!


OCTOBER TOUR EXCURSIONS 2014 plus Two Lovely Davao Ladies.
Davao City has a lot of things to offer that will give you extreme fun, memorable moments, and of course eternal love. Try it to yourself! Just like the other foreign guys who have just come here, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!! Get up and ride on the plane and be here in Davao. We'll never know one of these two Lovely Davao Ladies will make your dream love story into reality. So what are you waiting now? SIGN UP FOR YOUR MARCH TOUR 2015, lots of Wonderful Davao ladies waiting for you and EXPERIENCE INCRIDIBLE THINGS AWAITS YOU HERE!!! DAVAO CITY is the best place where you can find TRUE LOVE. See you here!


21 Davao Ladies greeting you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
"Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!" Just like Santa's line every time he travels at night to distribute his gifts to the children that has been good for this year. And Here we are, saying "Ho Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho!" too, introducing these 21 Warm and sweet Davao Ladies to all of you!!! Let us know their traditional way of celebrating Christmas with their loved ones, including their Christmas wishes too! How about you? We're sure you also have your Christmas wishes and one of it is having someone special to be with during Christmas holiday. We're pretty sure that you're sick of being alone on this wonderful season. So why not grab this chance? Let this INCREDIBLE CHANGE enter your life! Move now! And don't let yourself being alone again next year's Christmas. These Davao Ladies are SINGLE and READY TO MINGLE and take note! They are waiting for you SO BOOK YOUR ASIAN CLUB NOW or SIGN UP FOR YOUR MARCH TOUR 2015 and take this wonderful treat for yourself!! SEE YOU HERE IN DAVO, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 170: AFA Cebu - Christmas Dinner & Party Celebration 2014

Meet the hardworking and reliable staff of AFA Cebu
Setting up all the things together is indeed hard to do. Today is the time to give compliment to these amazing individuals who have made the AFA Cebu become successful and reliable to its operations. The spirit of Christmas is here to stay and we are celebrating it with you, guys! We give you infinite services from start to finish assistance solution. Our purpose is to give our clients a massive satisfaction with our services. Come and party with us, as we bring you an extraordinary Christmas celebration here in Cebu, Philippines. Visit our office and JOIN our January TOUR 2015. SEE YOU SOON!

PW Video Episode 169: MISS AFA OCTOBER 2014 - 2nd Night

Get ready to the warmest approach of the Lovely Davao Ladies!
It's raining of BEAUTIFUL LADIES HERE IN DAVAO!!! And oh! They are not just beautiful; they are the most caring, the most devoted, loving, and the sexiest women on the planet!! Well, I'm just quoting what the clients said about the Filipino Ladies Now, another set of Davao Ladies will be introducing themselves to you as they confidently ramp in front of the crowd. They are nervous yet they still handle themselves gracefully. So, again just sit back and enjoy the episode. Who knows? One of these featured Davao Ladies will be the one you'll be bringing on the next DAVAO TOURS and shares inspiring testimonies just like our newly wed couples Jean & Jeremiah C. and Roxate & Claude H.. SO BOOK YOUR ASIAN CLUB or SIGN UP FOR OUR MARCH TOUR this 2015 and let your Love story begin here in DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 168: A phenomenal experience in Bohol tour 2014

Why should you join the tour?
Experience the finest tour you can ever imagine! Witness the world famous chocolate hills and the smallest monkey you'll surely love. Bohol is the friendly heart of the Visayas region and one of the most alluring tourist destinations in the country. It's a perfect place to bring your date and adore the beautiful island full of adventure and remarkable white sand beaches. You might want to stay longer, because it can surely consume your deepest interest in breathe taking outdoor scenic views. Along with Bohol's pristine coastline, you can also discover the renowned dive spots where you can enjoy a beautiful aquatic quest. No matter what your looking for Bohol has it all. That is one of the reasons why you should join our tour. BOOK your ticket NOW!

PW Video Episode 167: MISS AFA OCTOBER 2014 - 1st Night

Confident, Witty, Elegant, And BEAUTIFUL! That's what Davao Ladies Are!
MISS AFA, the most favorite part of the guests. Chosen Davao Ladies of the Night will ramp on the center floor and let them speak up to express how they feel about the guys. Stunningly beautiful, the Davao Ladies might surely capture your heart just in a minute!!! And it is through the way they ramp, look at you in your eyes, the way they shake-shake and the moment they tease you with their pick up lines (Humorous words of romantic interest). To add up some spice, three testimonies will also be presented on the video and will give you an interesting idea that could make you realize to come over here and grab this INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE. Anyway, we will just let this video open up your heart and mind! So, just sit back, relax, enjoy and Don't miss another chance again and again!!!! Book for our DAVAO MARCH TOUR this 2015. These Davao Ladies are waiting!!!! SEE YOU HERE!

PW Video Episode 166: It's the moment you finally say "I do"

Patrick and Nelgen's wedding and social dinner.
You've seen the engagement of Patrick and Nelgen last July 7, 2014. Today you are about to witness how successful they are in their love story. It's the moment you say "I do". Getting married is very essential here in the Philippines and it's our culture that we permanently treasure marriage because we believe that love should be a lifetime commitment. People constantly say that it's tough to find a genuine girl in this online business; however, it is even harder to find yourself being alone in this crazy world. Where would you like to end up with? Of course life would be fun when it is shared by two. Don't let yourself hang with "what if's" but do it NOW and make your dreams come to reality. The good news is that we are about to start our January tour 2015, so make it happen and book a ticket NOW! Our lovely ladies here in Cebu are excited to MEET YOU!

PW Video Episode 165: DAVAO MARCH SOCIALS PARTY 2014

Know it from the people who experience it!
OCTOBER SOCIALS PARTY AGAIN! This is the most awaited event every year. For a twist, we will present this differently. It's more convincing to know the real happenings of this event through the people who experience everything on it. And now, we will be hearing the testimonies of our wonderful guests, Stephen Jaworski and the newly engaged couple Jose R. and Jeanette (Who just met during October Socials Party 2014). All the activities went well. All the guests enjoyed everything. The first dance, the serenading of the guys, the table hopping, MISS AFA, the games, and the opening of the dance floor (DISCO), because of these activities the girls and especially the guests (Foreign guys) were overwhelmed. And this incredible event results to lots of engagements. So it's time for you to open your heart and mind now!!! Treat yourself and make a move! Don't miss our next Davao tour next year again! You'll be surprised of what awaits you here!!! Book for your DAVAO MARCH TOUR 2015 and don't miss this opportunity again! See you on MARCH 2015!

PW Video Episode 163: Break a sweat up with these Lovely Ladies from Davao!

It's more fun to ride a bicycle with these FOUR DAVAO LADIES.
We've witness how the Ladies try to ride on scooters and skateboard last Davao Video Episode and now another group of Davao ladies will show how they enjoy riding the bicycle. Just like Albert Einstein said: "Life is like riding a bicycle. In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving." Life is not that easy for these featured Davao ladies, but they still keep moving till they reach their dreams and goals in life. And one of their dreams is to find their ONE TRUE LOVE!!! Same with them, you guys are wishing to have that LOVE OF YOUR LIFE in the near future, right? So, if you're worried about falling off the bike, but with these lovely Davao ladies? You'll surely love it! These girls are waiting for you here in Davao, Philippines! Come on by and see them in person!!! BOOK A TRIP NOW AND START TURNING YOUR DREAMS TO REALITY! SEE YOU HERE IN DAVAO CITY, PHILIPPINES!

PW Video Episode 162: Cebu ladies waiting to hear from you!

HOT and AVAILABLE 12 ladies await you!!
These 12 ladies are waiting for you to make your move! What are you waiting for? Don't just stare, do it! All of these 12 gorgeous ladies are available to meet you here in Cebu. You don't want to miss this kind of opportunity. It requires courage and a leap of faith to try this amazing journey for love. They may be far from your distance, but they are worthy of your travel. We recognize what you're likely thinking, don't worry because Cebu is a secure place to travel around. We offer UNLIMITED happiness here in Cebu, Philippines. BOOK NOW! See you NEXT January Tour 2015.

PW Video Episode 161: Playing skateboard and scooters with the Girls? Why not?

See the cuteness of these four charming Davao Ladies.
Davao ladies are always willing to try things that are unusual to them only just for you! Even if they don't really know how to ride on a scooter and skateboard they still ride on it, make fun of it, and enjoying every moment of it. It only showed the positivity of Filipina women especially Davao women of course! Look at their natural smiles, their eyes full of joy, and the realness of what they really are. Being honest is one of the most important characters a woman should have, right? That is included on your list of attitude for sure! So who knows?! One of these FOUR CHARMING DAVAO LADIES could capture your heart. Enjoy!

PW Video Episode 160: What happened during the Cebu August Tour 2014?

August Social Tour 2014 - Social One
Where in the world should you be today? Cebu is the impeccable answer! Cebu has an abundance of beauty. Not just beautiful girls, but the place itself is like a sanctuary of fine natures gift. There is no danger when you come in Cebu. See how we build the dreams of our August tour clients come to liveliness. Having an extraordinary trip full of gorgeous and sincere women. Can you conceive of that? It's really happening. You got only one thing to do when you come here, enjoy everything! See them for real and experience an unforgettable trip of your life. It is never too late to sign up for the next Cebu tour.

PW Video Episode 159: Dinah Joy and Jeff are now happy together in the US

The wait is finally over!
It all started last year August 2013 during the Cebu Social Tour. Who would have thought that this amazing couple are now living together. Yes, together! No more long distance relationship. Hello, soon to be husband and wife! Meeting a woman here in the Philippines is just the right choice, Jeff recalled. At first you will be in doubt if this thing will work out, nonetheless, if you believe in yourself and try things at the end you will endure the happiness that you've been looking for. It's like the thrill of entering a new metropolis that is full of exhilaration and merriment. Exploring and discovering new things. It's awesome. You may feel like not wanting to leave because you will begin to feel more comfy and enjoy the refinement. If Jeff is happy now and is about to get married with Dinah Joy in the Us, why can't you? Be independent and experience your own adventure NOW!


Part 2: More reasons why you shouldn't miss Davao October Tour 2014
GENUINE! NATURAL! And most of all EXCEPTIONAL BEAUTIES! This episode will show how these Davao Ladies express themselves naturally. Videos don't lie. You can really see them move, talk, smile, scream, and even laugh for real. But it's even better if you'll see them and bond with them personally. Fun isn't so hard to experience especially when you do it here in Davao, Philippines with the Beautiful Stunning Ladies from Davao. We know that you're too lonely of being alone for a long time. Now is the time to have someone who could be with you for the rest of your life. Don't hesitate to try this INCREDIBLE SEARCH FOR LOVE and be one of our Happy and successful clients who have their "Happy Ever After" in reality. SIGNING UP FOR OUR DAVAO OCTOBER TOUR IS NOT YET CLOSE. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! SIGN UP NOW!!! See you here in Davao, Philippines this October, 2014!


Part 2: More reasons why you shouldn't miss Davao October Tour 2014
Ready your notes now and start writing your "What to do List"!!This video will give you more ideas about what will be the perfect place to have a date here in Davao, Philippines plus another 20 Wonderful Ladies who are so accommodating and sweet. This video is the first part of the whole episode and you will be seeing how beautiful the featured Davao ladies on their photos wearing their sexy elegant dress or even on their swim wear attire... You'll be captivated by their photos & how much more seeing them talking, laughing, smiling for real in the video? You will love it even more for sure!!! So stay tune with us and feel like you're heading up on your dream LOVE STORY! DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE AGAIN!!! BOOK YOUR OCTOBER TOUR NOW!! AND START YOUR INCREDIBLE SEARCH HERE IN DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!


Part 2: Davao Beauties hoping to find their TRUE LOVE Tour Socials
Here goes the fourth batch of Davao Striking Ladies who's hoping to find the man they are waiting for, their Mr. Right, the love of their life forever and their TRUE LOVE. Whatever they call it these Davao ladies are REAL and SINCERE in searching for their lifetime partner. How about you?! The feelings of these Davao Ladies are mutual to your feelings too for sure! Don't waste your time thinking without making any move. Because Good dreams happen only if you believe on it, have faith on it, and making it come true. It's not too late yet!! BOOK YOUR DAVAO OCTOBER TOUR NOW!!! And start your DREAM LOVE STORY COME TRUE!! These Davao Ladies are waiting SEE YOU HERE IN DAVAO, PHILIPPINES!


Part 2: Sincere, warm, and sweet! These Davao Ladies will capture you!
Stop being so skeptic! Make some change! This is your chance now! If you're thinking twice, thrice, think again and end up joining our OCTOBER TOUR. Don't miss this chance again. All these Davao ladies are warm how much more if you'll meet them personally. Life is full of surprises but you wouldn't be surprised if you were hesitant of trying things. Let yourself be amaze of what awaits you here in Davao, Philippines. JOIN OUR DAVAO OCTOBER TOUR! BOOK NOW!


Part 2: More Davao Ladies are approaching and they can't wait to see you!!!
Here's more! And they can't really stop themselves from the excitement they feel about the upcoming October Socials Party! We're sure you're excited too! These Davao Ladies have a lot to offer and you will like it for sure! One more month waiting for the big event and they can't wait to see you!!! All of us want some wonderful change in our lives. And maybe that change is what's heading you to come here in Davao, Philippines this October! Keep on Believing and you'll see how it works like the successful couples we had. BOOK YOUR OCTOBER TOUR NOW!!!


Part 1: These 20 lovely women of Davao are waiting to meet you!
OOH LA LA LA! Here comes the First batch of Stunning Ladies from Davao! And Yes! They will attend the DAVAO OCTOBER SOCIALS 2014. Isn't it great to see these beautiful ladies on the four corner room where the Socials party will be held? How about talking with them?! Eating with them?! Playing the Party games with them?! And Oh! Of course! These Ladies will love to dance with you too!!! The Davao Ladies will let you feel how hospitable they are. And they are so excited to see you all here in Davao, Philippines! DON'T MISS THIS CHANCE AGAIN!! These Davao Ladies are waiting. And who knows? It's your time now to have your own great love story! So BOOK FOR YOUR OCTOBER TOUR NOW!

PW Video Episode 152: 1... 2... 3... We are waiting for you to JOIN US! MEET THE WOMEN ATTENDING THE AUG. CEBU TOUR SOCIALS 4 of 4

Part 4: These 18 lovely women of Cebu are READY to meet you!
Life is too short to not try this amazing tour. It's about falling in love while traveling and enjoying at the same time. The biggest challenge of travel-love could also be considered its greatest benefit. Falling in love while traveling involves an inevitable deadline. You have a few options in dealing with this; you can be lazy and say 'what's the point of getting involved? Or you can be bold and adventurous like you are in all other respects of traveling and say 'Hell yes, I'm starting to throw an astonishing love affair with someone in a different culture!' This attitude not only helps you meet someone, but enhances the time you'll spend with them. You may end up happy like most of our tour clients. It's better to try something different rather than keep dreaming of a life you wish to have. Make your dream come to life and start your trip NOW!


Part 3: 18 SIZZLING hot women of Cebu
Still thinking of joining or not? Well, enough of that guys but take a lot at these 18 sizzling hot women of Cebu that will surely rock your mind. Expecting that these ladies will surely be joining the August Social Tour. The hippest party in town is happening VERY SOON. You can only change your life for good or stay stocked with your old routine. Why not give it a try? There are more than just beautiful ladies here, but we devote you a memory that will live eternally! Stop fantasizing and make it happen! BOOK NOW!


Part 2: Another 20 gorgeous women in Cebu
Want to find someone who can make you happy beyond your wildest dreams? You got to start planning your vacation now because sooner or later you will end up with a happy choice! No doubt, you'll never regret joining this event. It's a once in a lifetime offer that everyone is eligible to join. What are you waiting for? Mark your calendar and we will make your trip worth spending for. This is not just a social tour party, but this could change your life for the better. Don't be afraid and start packing! Your dream partner is exactly right here waiting for you!!!! JOIN our AUGUST Tour 2014. SEE YOU SOON.


Yes, they will be joining the Social Tour!
Get ready for these 20 SELECTED ladies that will surely make your vacation more exciting! Quit thinking too much. These beautiful women are sweet, feminine and extremely sincere. Absolutely, they are indeed single and wants to get married. They don't want to stay single forever. What are you waiting for? Come here NOW and join us. Believe or not, they are just as excited as you are. No one has the secret to what makes people fall in love and how to turn that love into a lifelong commitment. It is your decision to change your life NOW. You just have to give it a shot and make your happiness come to REALITY. BOOK NOW! JOIN our AUGUST Tour 2014.

PW Video Episode 148: What does the word FAMILY really stand for?

Hear what these 3 lovely ladies from Davao City talk about family life.
The word Family is not just a word to these lovely ladies. Family is love, life and happiness. In this video, we showcase 3 beautiful and stunning ladies who are waiting for the right man they will say YES to. Hear them talk about it so you can decide for yourself how soon you want to settle down. What's more is that, we have 2 new testimonials from our successful couples whose been there; they met, they fell in love, they got married and NOW! They finally are having the time of their life, spending each and every precious moment with their child. This is real and this is true. Come on, your future wife is waiting for you!

PW Video Episode 147: He just never thought a beautiful Asian girl could love him.

Patrick found love in Cebu, Philippines.
It is true that love can be found in the most unusual places, perhaps you need to start traveling. When you induce this notion that you have found the missing puzzle piece, even though that you are thousands of miles apart. Patrick signed up for an Asian club service and have met a couple of girls before he was able to finally meet Nelgen. Indeed a living proof that love conquers all, regardless of age difference and culture. Sometimes love just comes so naturally as though it had all been settled for you. The distance, the cultural differences and the color of the skin didn't matter. So take a leap of faith and make your own story today! Make Cebu your next destination. COME and JOIN our August tour 2014!

PW Video Episode 146: How about taking a hot road trip with SIZZLING Davao ladies?

Want to know the easiest road to heaven? Watch to find out!
Davao City Philippines; clean, safe, and most of all. FUN! There are a lot of things to do here in Davao City, but what separates us from other cities is that, WE HAVE REAL, HONEST AND SINCERE Ladies here. Beauty is just a bonus, but don't relax too much because the beauty that you will see is something that will definitely make you stand up and book your DAVAO CITY SOCIALS. Find out where you can take a beautiful lady out on a date or maybe even her dream vacation spot.

PW Video Episode 145: Social Tours Really Work!

A life together in the United States with Terrence and Lesly
Want to see another successful story from AFA Cebu? Be prepared because you will be amazed how we make your happiness come to reality. This video will showcase us how our Social Tours really works. Terrence was one of our August tour clients. They've decided to file a fiancee visa and now they got their visa approved. Isn't it amazing? Hear the successful story of our soon to be husband and wife Terrence and Lesly. It's never too late to make your own happiness for real. Book a ticket NOW and JOIN our upcoming tour this AUGUST 2014. If you are looking for the proper topographic point in finding a nice Filipino woman, then you're on the correct path. You just have to invest your time and effort. Because when you find that unique, lovely, sweet and honest Filipino woman, every penny that you spent is worth it. Remember, that being patient comes with a great reward. See you in AUGUST TOUR 2014!

PW Video Episode 144: Davao Ladies and their exceptional childhood experiences

Four Lovely Davao Ladies that will surely captivate you!
You wouldn't expect how these lovely Davao Ladies doing fun things during their Childhood days. Years ago have passed yet they still enjoy playing Traditional Filipino games. You can see how exceptional these Davao Ladies are! They can be mischievous but still they stay to be beautiful, sexy, and attractive in their own different ways. I am pretty much sure that you can't resist to know more about them and to meet them in person of course! These Davao Ladies are waiting for their Mr. Right and it could be you! So come and don't miss that chance that could change your life story. Book a trip now!

PW Video Episode 143: Have FUN under the SUN!

Cruise with us and enjoy the perfect island hopping in Cebu.
Relish the breathtaking view, secluded sandy islands and spectacular dive sites.The ultimate island hopping adventure: Swim and be fascinated in the rich marine life of 2 different islands and be captivated with the majestic white sands of the perfect escapade. A combination of snorkeling and fun swimming. In Cebu, we craft you the impeccable trip. Surely, it is the best outdoor experience everyone will love! A perfect escapade to enjoy along with your date experiencing the relaxation and fun. Happiness is a choice, why wait? Come and experience this amazing search! JOIN US and be here in AUGUST.

PW Video Episode 142: The Wedding: Claude and Roxate

The beginning of their life together towards FOREVER
After seeing their engagement last Philippine weekly episode 136, this episode will be showcasing the exchanging vows of our newlywed couple and some of the memorable scenes of their wedding. Long distance relationship is so hard but if you'll think positive things and have faith to each other, those are the way you can prosper and grow old together. And of course! Communication is the primary key to a successful marriage. Those are some thoughts you could acquire from this episode. So stay tune and enjoy the mini movie! And don't forget considering yourself being a groom someday! Don't stop believing and your dream wedding will come true for sure! So make up change and start searching for your LOVE! Davao, Philippines will be the perfect place so book a trip now!

PW Video Episode 141: A toast to love, commitment and time.

Engagement party of George and Mary Rose
Life with love is great. Here's another fruitful story for you to witness. Two souls, one heart, George and Mary Rose's engagement party. Experiencing love and romance on the road can effortlessly lead to some of the most delightful experiences. One thing we could only say, if you look around, you'll definitely find what you want, one or the other. There's no need for us to wish you the 'best of luck' in finding a wonderful wife here but honestly, you don't need luck. Just show up, get to know the people around you and you'll find your ideal wife. Life is good. It's even better if you'll find what you seek for. How to achieve that? Simple, BE HERE!! Things are easier and exciting, only here in Cebu, Philippines. SEE YOU NEXT AUGUST TOUR!


This is why Filipinos do not run out of reasons to smile.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That's the exact time line of the summer season in Davao City. We don't even need an excuse to celebrate a festival; every day is a tropical holiday in our side of the world! So don't go wandering anywhere else. Book your flight and find out for yourself, how good these ladies look in person. Which ladies am I talking about? These lovely 5 that you are about to see, of course!

PW Video Episode 139: Travel + Fun Experience

Bohol countryside tour: 9 destinations.
This tour offers the most popular destinations in Bohol with a novel form of escapade. You'll have the time of your life touring Bohol, such as Baclayon Church, Prony II Python Snake, Rio Verde Floating Resto, Tribe, Tarsier, Man-made Forest, Chocolate Hills, Habitat Bohol and Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge. Bohol has a superb deal to offer; so much that many tourists have a tough time to choose those most important things to see. We want you to make the most of every moment and experience an extraordinary adventure! Apart from the breathtaking views, you can also have a different type of romantic date with your special person. Â Savor the rewards that only come from experiencing nature of Bohol. See you next August Tour 2014!!

PW Video Episode 138: Here are the reasons why you should not miss our TOURS!

Very accommodating - Overwhelming - REAL and VERIFIED Davao Ladies waiting for you here!
Davao City is not just a wonderful place that is perfect to experience adventures, refreshing white sand beaches, and mouth-watering foods. But also a perfect place to find your one true love! Don't miss a chance again! You wouldn't experience real love if you're so skeptic about coming here in our City. Make up change! And be with one of the featured Davao Ladies on this week's episode. Book a trip and make it Davao now! See you here!

PW Video Episode 137: Every Tour Has A Story

Pool party: Swim your worries away.
It's a splashing good time for the tour clients who have enjoyed their afternoon swimming with their lovely dates. After the social tour we give you another set of happiness to spoil your vacation at the pool. For those who do NOT want to be just friends, this is great news. You might have struck out with that incredibly beautiful woman back in your home country several times. But here, if you are a gentleman, if you're respectful yet clear in your intentions. Then you're only real problem is deciding which lovely woman you want to spend your life with. And let me tell you this.. there are a LOT of them. Life is good. Begin planning your trip now and be here on our next social tour this coming August 2014.

PW Video Episode 136: "PAMANHIKAN" - A Traditional Filipino Engagement

Roxate and Skipper's sweet journey to a lifetime commitment together with the aspiring Davao Ladies who wish to have their turn someday!
Here's a presentation of a Traditional Filipino Engagement. Simple yet it illustrates a deep level of sincerity, Love, and happiness. This is only one of the items on the to-do list in the Filipino culture, but you could always give your own twist to make it more romantic and sincere! This video will show us the truthfulness and willingness of a guy asking permission from the parents of his love. Which is effective, right? Imagine yourself doing this thing in the near future. Isn't it exceptional? Who knows? One of these two Davao Ladies who greeted our newlywed couple might strike your heart and be the one that could make you do the same with our dear friend Skipper. The only things you have to do are to dream, believe, and make a move to begin your Romantic journey and start it here in Davao, Philippines! Book your trip now!

PW Video Episode 135: Why so many unattached, beautiful women in the Philippines?

Here's a valid reason why you should opt to travel, Cebu, Philippines!
Well, literally it has nothing to do with the imbalanced ratio of men-to-women. For one thing, foreigners are viewed as more desirable, so you've got that going for you right off the bat. The Philippine country is a motley blend of Asia and Spanish heritage. The result of soft Asian features, petite bodies combined with the Latin traits and passion all work together to result in many, many beautiful Filipinas. Constantly recollect that the age difference is not a constituent. Their desire for a lifelong husband they can love and adore is sincere. They just do not ascertain the age difference as an issue. Witness these 10 selected gorgeous ladies as they show off their beauties just to let you know how sincere they are. See you next tour on AUGUST 2014!

PW Video Episode 134: See how colourful Davao is!

Witness the Davaoenos as they celebrate the 77th year of Davao City and a short preview of March Tour 2014 Excursions.
Parades, street music and street dancing, Extreme sports, Good food, fascinating floral floats and how about beautiful ladies on the street? All of that were present when you had the chance to come here in our dear City and witness the celebration of its 77th year. You can see how people enjoyed the festival through their sweet smiles and also the beautiful places you can explore will definitely make your tour an extraordinary experience. So don't let your mind become hesitant about having a plan to come here! All are proven! All are real! Let yourself feel the True Happiness like those who have been here and who knows next Tour (October, 2014) will be your time for love! Book now!

PW Video Episode 133: Discover a perfect journey that could alter your life!

An excursion to the land of LOVE - Cebu, Philippines
An expedition to a lifetime changing activity that suits your taste. Tired of boring talks? How about exploring the beauty of Cebu and experience the perfect ambiance of the most exciting places and do things you never dreamed you would? This is your vacation that is why we make certain that we feed you the most satisfying activities. Make every moment an unforgettable experience with our exciting spree. A place where you could get your dates more comfortable that they will certainly fall in love with. We grant you unlimited fun and happy conclusion!

PW Video Episode 132: March 2014 Davao City Socials

Here is the roundup of the March 2014 Davao Socials.. For those who have not been here yet, here is what you've missed!
March 2014 could not have been a more perfect time for Davao City to hold another one of our Socials. With the "Arawng Davao" festival coming just around the corner, the city became more colourful and alive for our clients. But of course, the highlight of their trip is not just about sight - seeing, but also how and who they are sharing their vacation time with. In this week's episode, hear about what they've experienced, see and feel how real these girls could be... And who knows? This October 2014 Davao City Socials just might be the perfect time for you.

PW Video Episode 131: Traveling for love?

January Social Tour 2014 - Social Two
A backpacking trip may be stuffed with all the adventure, culture and life lessons in the world, but let's faces it at the end of the day, life without romance is boring. Open your eyes because here in AFA Cebu we do the work for you. To complete the package we have prepared for the tour clients, here's another glimpse of how we finished the 2nd night event. Seems like nobody wants to go home after the tour because they found another home full of love and happiness. You go round and round, and date as much as you can then you say, yes! We have finally found the secret to landing that perfect mate. You have no idea one day this city will become the setting for all of your dreams and thoughts for the following months maybe years. Love while traveling is brutal and hard to sustain but if you can it is completely worth it. Love is inconvenient that you don't want to happen but sometimes you can't stop it. I guess that's how you know it's real. Here in AFA Cebu we make things possible.

PW Video Episode 130: Talk is Cheap! One Man's Philippine Adventure

Dan M's long planned Davao trip: watch to hear more about it!
Brochures and the world wide web can always say a lot about a certain place, but if you really want to know the real score. We suggest that you talk to a real person who's been able to experience, feel and know what it really is like. On this episode, Dan M. has been very accommodating with our questions and you get to have a sneak peak on the warmth of the Davao City office staff. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

PW Video Episode 129: Enjoy. Laugh. Love in Cebu Philippines

January Social Tour 2014 - Social One
Not quite convince how social tour works? Well, here's an impeccable video for you to witness as we give you how successful the January tour was. Regardless of how we managed to gather loads of unparalleled beauties all together in one place. You might want to join our next tour on August 2014. It's never too late to experience this amazing search! Take a closer look on how we give you a once in a lifetime experience that you might want to hit repeat and repeat. What you need to do is to stay calm and act normal because they are that beautiful. Asians are definitely one of a kind.

PW Video Episode 128: What's happening in March, 2014?

Look what we have in store for you this coming AFA Davao Tour
Have you booked your flight yet? Have you been thinking about your to-do list? Well, here's a sweet sneak peak of how well you can enjoy your stay in Davao City. Sit back, relax and let the sweet voices of our ladies excite you in the coming days... For those who haven't made up their minds yet, YOU STILL HAVE TIME!

PW Video Episode 127: Cebu, Philippines - City Tour - Day 1

Discover the charm of old Cebu in its historical sites and landmarks.
Cebu is the trading center of Southeast Asia in the 13th century. And now leads the Philippines in an economic upswing unprecedented in its history and is the gateway of central and southern Philippines and is the country's favorite tourist destination. We give you the most visited tourist spots, Fort San Pedro, Basilica Minore del Sto.Nino, Magellan Shrine and many more. Enjoy some rustic scenery and spectacular views while visiting Cebu. Go back in time and explore old Cebu on a fun Calesa ride and by following the Heritage Trail on foot. Discover the arts and crafts of Cebu! Authentic Philippine Food will be served at a famous restaurant. It is indeed fun to know the culture and history of our very own Cebu, Philippines. All these and more when you come and visit us!

PW Video Episode 126: It's not too late to celebrate a Valentine's Day date!

Three Sweet Davao Ladies that will enlighten you plus an inspiring Love Story of Jesse and Grace.
Love is in the air!!! Though February 14 passed already, it doesn't mean that it's too late to celebrate Valentines. This month is a love month and cupid is still busy shooting lonely hearts but also hoping to have their special someone like our dear friend Jesse who found already her Asawa (Wife) to be in the future Grace Cindy. Well, Three sweet Davao Ladies are willing to be that ideal wife you're looking for too. Sweet and Unique!! That would be the adjectives that would best describe these Davao Ladies. Know more about them and let the spark of Love flows in your veins!! Sit back! Enjoy! And Feel the Love only here in Davao, Philippines! Have a Happy Love month!

PW Video Episode 125: What's the big deal about Filipinas?

Finding love across the ocean.
Why is it that mostly foreign guys wants to get married with Filipino ladies? The answer is here guys. You need not to look somewhere because definitely you can find your one true love only here in Cebu City, Philippines. We have posted several testimonials for you to watch and justify how reliable our service is. Just relax and we will do all the work for you and fulfill your dreams of finding a good partner. Your age and appearance is not their first concern. It comes down to the compatibility and attitude. This is why they prefer mature men as their first choice in selecting who to marry with. So what's the problem? Again, differences in culture. One thing is for sure guys, you will truly love and embrace the culture here in the Philippines because Filipinos are known being very hospitable and smiling that is one thing that we are most proud of. Overall, you will be totally thrilled beyond belief. Be the next happiest guy to experience this amazing search!

PW Video Episode 124: A View of Philippine Church Wedding

A Special Episode:"Gordon and Shy Wedding"
Here's how Traditional Filipino Church Wedding goes plus a view of an amusing wedding reception flow as well that will surely give you an idea on how will you celebrate your future dream wedding pretty soon. Together, let us feel the happiness of the newlyweds, Mr. & Mrs. Gordon L. as they share their memorable day to all of us. It's our pleasure to present to you their inspiring wedding and be a part of their love story. As what this verse said: "Love bears all things, believes all things, and endures all things. LOVE NEVER FAILS." (1Corinthians 13:7-8). There is no impossible when it comes to love. All you have to do is to stop thinking skeptically, don't be afraid to try, and start your journey here in Davao, Philippines. We'll never know you will be the next to experience this once in a lifetime event!

PW Video Episode 123: Beautiful inside and out, what more could a man ask for?

TOP Cebuanas that conceals very exceptional and astonishing personalities behind their unparalleled beauty.
Filipinas are highly regarded for their peerless beauties which come with a rare touch of charm and sexiness. They possess an exceptional and deep sense of allure and politeness that enthralls men from all over the globe. Women in the Philippines are also known for their caring disposition and remarkably strong family values. The question is, "Are there really THAT many beautiful women here?"Short answer is, "Yes." They are everywhere. Take what you know and have seen in your home country and now triple it. No, quadruple it. But wait.. there's more. You will have your abundant choice between women who are 'Cute', 'Lovely', 'Beautiful' or a combination of all three. So the best thing that you should do now is to JOIN our January 2014 tour and get lucky dating genuine girls in one place, Cebu. These girls are waiting for you!

PW Video Episode 122: Life as AFA Davao knows it

The Davaoenos are thankful. Not just for today, but for the year that has been given to us.
Can you describe a Filipino? If you ask us, a Filipino is passionate, strong - willed, hardworking and most of all, Filipinos how to give thanks! On this episode, you will be seeing a lot of smiles amidst the challenges that have been given to us. Join us as we look back and prepare for another blessed year ahead. See you in March 2014!

PW Video Episode 121: It is EXTREMELY SAFE to travel Cebu, Philippines

JOIN the January tour 2014 where happiness is around the corner.
The year 2013 has been marked by major natural disasters for the Philippines as the country bore the brunt of a monster typhoon and a deadly earthquake that killed thousands of people. Still we Filipinos withstand it all no matter what have happened. For this year 2014 we are blessed and happy to announce the world that Philippines have recovered somehow and everything is back to normal for most areas. Truly it is safe to travel and experience a splendid vacation here in Cebu, Philippines. Cebuanos are lucky because the area was not greatly affected by the typhoon and earthquake. And now we are encouraging you guys that when you travel here we assure your safety and enjoyment that doesn't cause you harm at all. What are you waiting for? Stop thinking and book a ticket NOW! Experience a once in a lifetime vacation that you'll surely never forget. Clock is ticking and our ladies awaits to date you. JOIN THE JANUARY 2014 TOUR and change your life for good!!!

PW Video Episode 120: With much love, we bid 2013 goodbye!

A recap of the fruitful year that it's been
It has been our tradition to present to you a grand recap of a very adventurous year that the staff of AFA Davao has been through. With smiling faces and happy hearts, we would like to thank those who came and spent much of their precious time with us. We are proud of being your partner in looking for the right person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Weddings, socials, engagements and excursions, all of them, rolled into one hot video. Cheers to 2013! And we look forward to another year filled with love and happiness!

PW Video Episode 119: Mercy and Steven's Wedding 2013

How do you decide who to marry?
This is a living proof that our Tours really works! Could you imagine yourself traveling around the globe just to find your soul mate? Tough, Isn't it? Well guys you need to take a leap of faith and mark this video worth inspiring for. You meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you, and then you meet one person and your life is changed forever. This is one of our successful stories in AFA Cebu. Steven joined the August Social Tour 2013 and have met Mercy during the second night event. Who would have thought that this couple are now married? See how we make things possible for you guys? The search of Steve is finally over! It is so hard to wait for the RIGHT ONE but it's even harder if you just sit there and watch. Reflect. Plan. BOOK IT NOW!

PW Video Episode 118: SANTA BABY?

Interview with the newly engaged couple, Patrick and Marivel - PLUS 3 beautiful women who will rock your world.
Chemistry, comfort and getting along well with each other - a good formula for what Patrick and Marive have ; which is a successful and blooming relationship. Santa Patrick (in this video) together with his lovely fiancee, Marive has decided to share their blessings to other lucky ladies who were at the last October 2013 Socials. Watch out to know more about this couple's generosity. And also, see as Marive pulls the strings that Patrick has carefully prepared for her as she answers the big question. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year!

PW Video Episode 117: AFA CEBU White Christmas Presentation 2013

Who are the people behind the success of AFA Cebu?
With no rehearsal time here comes the beauties of Cebu. We are not encouraging the clients to marry our staff but to let you know that these hard-working ladies are here to assist you when you plan to come and visit Cebu, Philippines. Isn't that cool? Feel the Christmas spirit as we serenade you with all our hearts from beginning to end. In succeeding years, each Christmas, we have followed the tradition, for Christmas comes but once a year. Aside from that, we have heaps of sincere and lovely ladies who are excited to date you! We all want to be happy, so it makes sense that thinking positive thoughts would be a good idea. Here in AFA Cebu, we find ways to build happiness and positive emotions into your life. We give you UNLIMITED smiles and warm greetings. So, JOIN US on our next January tour 2014 and experience being luckily happy as you could ever imagine! You might want to book your reservations NOW!!

PW Video Episode 116: How about spending the holidays in the tropics?

Watch these Davao ladies transform from day to night beauties.
Is the cold getting the best of your holiday mood? How about giving the tropical weather and view a chance? You can always choose to spend it with someone as beautiful as these four ladies who will take your breath away in a beat! Get to know her, find out what tickles her funny bone… and most of all find out how special she can treat you and know that she can keep on doing that for as long as your heart desires!

PW Video Episode 115: Power of Travel and Love

The possibilities when you join the social tour.
What? Why? When? How? These are the 4 basic questions that will pop up in your mind when you are at the 50-50 stage of either joining our social tours or not. Needless to say, how fascinated you could be seeing most of our Cebuana ladies during the latest tour. Could this be the right time to attend? Of course, yes! Definitely, it's the right time for you to join, as the clich: It's better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all. January is the first month of the year 2014 and indeed a good time to begin a new phase of your life. Be the next to be engaged and process the fiancee visa with us. We would be happy to see you here and serve you to the very best of our ability.

PW Video Episode 114: October 2013 Socials - THE EXCURSIONS

Will you truly, be able to enjoy Davao City? Hear it straight from the men who've been here!
Davao City can be described in a million words, but nothing beats a testimonial from someone or some people who have actually seen and experienced the place. In this week's episode, we showcase the latest group excursions from our OCTOBER 2013 SOCIALS group. All the captured moments are candid, not scripted, and the reactions are genuine! You see them having fun? It's because they actually are having fun! When you hear them say all the good about our dear city? It's because that's the truth coming from foreigners who've been able to visit and experience Davao City for the first time. So, what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax, enjoy a tub of popcorn and the movie! Come and see Davao for yourself, book the March 2014 SOCIALS to DAVAO CITY NOW!

PW Video Episode 113: Take Your Trip To A New Level With Island Hopping

Unforgettable experiences for a perfect date.
This island hopping experience will make your jaw drop with its stunning natural beauty. You can swim and be fascinated in the rich marine life and the majestic white sandbar the perfect escapade. Start your day getting familiar with heaps gorgeous islands. By island hopping you'll notice how different the islands are, despite being so close to each other, but one thing they do have in common are the exuberant, fun loving and easygoing Filipinos, and you'll no doubt sing a song or two with your dates! No matter what you're after, chances are this island has got it! JOIN us on the next tour JANUARY 2014 and experience this amazing search!

PW Video Episode 112: Halloween Special: The Sexiest Scare You Will Ever Have

Let these 8 Filipina lovelies show you a sexy, gloomy, good time!
The opening of the November month not only brings out the scariest mask. In the Philippines, it also brings out fond times with families. 8 beautiful ladies went out on a beach trip. Now, surely the magical view does not only come from the sparkling waters, but from the radiating beauties of the lovely 8 as well. Listen to them as they talk about what their hearts have to say. But be warned of the crazy love spell that may be cast on you.

PW Video Episode 111: WOW Bahol

Do you want the quintessential Bohol experience?
Cebu and Bohol are great tourist destinations. Bohol is a piece of paradise. Philippines is very famous with our large number of tourists spots and one of our pride is the Chocolate Hills in Bohol. Experience the Bohol countryside tour with several destinations. Whether you are somebody trying to relax or unwind or a fellow bursting for adventure this trip will surely make your vacation a splendid one! Once a year, you need to treat yourself and travel as you can. The experience here is remarkable. A perfect place for an adventurous date. Come visit Bohol and see the Philippines at its shining best! SEE YOU ON JANUARY 2014 TOUR!!

PW Video Episode 110: More fun in DAVAO! October Socials 2013

A Special treat that would make you feel your heart beat!
Games, Party, Romantic treat, Pretty Ladies and fun that are the things you'll experience in Davao Socials! Finding your special someone here is not impossible. Who knows? You will be the next to have a surprising engagement like our dear friends, Marive and Patrick O. and would surely inspire other guests of the party. Love would surely invade you and the warm welcome and sweet smiles of the Davao Ladies will overwhelm your hearts. So once again, let us witness another beginning of a new hope, amusing party, romantic proposal and wonderful new Ladies that you should not miss to know them more! Join March 2014 Davao City Socials NOW! Witness the reality!

PW Video Episode 109: Cebu's Pool Party

It's time to unwind and dive in!
Life is indeed like a swimming pool. You can't see how deep it is until you dive in. And now we bring you the Jim's pool party that one would never forget. Our tour clients have experienced an afternoon swimming with their hot dates. You don't want to know how they've come so far after all the 2 nights they have enjoyed with tons of beautiful Cebu ladies. It's your tour and memories are just waiting to happen. We showcase not just an unforgettable experience but a partner that could be with you for a lifetime. Don't worry guys it is never too late to join us because we still have our next tour in JANUARY 2014. Sign up for Cebu tour now! Our ladies anticipates to date you!! SEE YOU SOON.

PW Video Episode 108: A promise from J to J

The celebration just goes on and on and on.... PLUS an inspiring story from Jonathan and Janine
As promised in the previous episode, here's the most awaited part 2. We try our best to keep our promises and we are sure that the wait for you is just worth it. This week, we are giving you a thrilling and exciting journey. Isn't the theme park a perfect place for a first date? Well, let these girls give you a good idea of what is in store for you. But, wait!!! There's more! We have been blessed to witness a beautiful love story; of true love and a long-distance relationship. Jonathan and Janice are here to tell us all about how they will make everything work in the name of LOVE. Stay tune and be inspired. He took the trip; he took the chance and now look where he is... Jonathan is one happy guy!

PW Video Episode 107: Cebu's Grand August Social Tour 2013

Highlights of the 2 social nights.
Imagine being in a room with 350 stunning, Philippine ladies over twp evenings? Believe it or not, guys this is really happening. We have invited exclusively here in Cebu and made the 2 night events full of excitement and fun. Feels like nobody wants to go home after. It was a success and everybody enjoyed the whole tour. You can't have all of these unless you give it a try. Many have taken the leap and there you go, got engaged! Want to be the next? Join us for our next tour on January 2014 and you will change your life for good. Cebu is the only place where you can find not just happiness but real people with genuine heart. We will wait for your arrival!!!

PW Video Episode 106: You Only Live Once

How do you make the most out of life?
Life is short, and you will only live once. There are a lot of wonderful things happening outside your door, you just need to step out and take your open mind with you. You never know, the next woman you are sitting right next to could be the ONE who will change your life forever. The hands that will hold yours until the end of time. So, what is in store for you on this side of the world? A lot! In this week's video, eight lovely ladies will talk about their dreams, the kind of man they want to spend their life with and what makes them unique. Want to know more? Here we go...

PW Video Episode 105: Not much of a history buff? Experience the exciting city tour.

Cebu still has a lot to offer
A stay in Cebu is not complete without stopping by a few historical landmarks. Experience the joyful sight seeing of our Cebu's finest historical places of the country's most iconic heritage spots. Client's have visited 6 tourist spots and was able to inhale good ambiance in every destination they were in. Witness how these clients enhanced their knowledge in the cultural aspect of Philippines. Culture is very important if you want to find a partner in a different country. This video will showcase for you the history of Cebu, Philippines. Visit Cebu, Philippines NOW!

PW Video Episode 104: Want to know how HOT your OCTOBER Philippine tour can be?

Sizzling - Alluring - HEART STOPPING - and most importantly, GENUINE
The doors of Davao City are once again open to those who want to experience real love and quality fun together with genuine women who are without a doubt, looking for their one true love. Experience white sand beaches, fresh air, mountain adventure activities that can help you bond more with your "prospective wife". Meet her at the party; see how she really looks like. Listen to her golden voice that you know is the only one capable of soothing your aching heart. Love is an adventure, it is right there waiting like the tallest mountain peak. You know you want to take that trip, but are having doubts. What if I told you, your dream could come true in just a matter of life changing clicks on your travel guy's website? Come here and join the fun. This could be the tour that will change your life for good.

PW Video Episode 103: Getting ready for the Cebu Social Tour!

Before your trip, here's a tip!
There is no doubt: You are about to start a journey, one that may change the way you live and think forever. Witness how the Cebu office prepares for the August Social Tour. You're probably wondering how we do this and how we make everything possible. Confidently you can take a step into the unknown and enjoy every second of it. It's an unforgettable experience that you will never regret. It's your journey to find love and it's our job to help you fulfill that! There are endless exciting things for you to experience. Life is an adventure. Explore the dating world in the Philippines and begin your tour!

PW Video Episode 102: Dance to the beat of the drums!

Celebrate this season's good harvest through Davao City's Kadayawan Festival!
Every year it gets bigger and brighter simply because there are a lot of reasons to be thankful for. The colorful floats and the smiling faces of her citizens only reflect how happy and safe Davao City. On this episode, allow these three Davao beauties to give you a tour to this wonderful place moat visitors refer to as their second home. All these await you, so what are you sitting there for? Book your October Davao Tour NOW!

PW Video Episode 101: Suddenly It's Magic!

Expect the unexpected!
When a guy meet his better half by surprise! You never know how destiny can fulfill your dreams. Hear clearly by one of our AFA clients in Cebu caught by surprise and finally got engaged in no time. Expect the unexpected as it is! He found his soul mate here in Cebu simply by joining our dinner with 11 gorgeous ladies of Cebu. Who would have thought that he could find what his looking for on that night? Amazing isn't it? Suddenly a woman caught his attention and heart and made the two of them happy to be together. Make YOUR Philippine tour reservations TODAY!

PW Video Episode 100: Stop! Look! And be prepared!

A pocket full of advice and wisdom from an expert that you shouldn't miss.
Do you still have many questions in your mind about dating, commitments, long distance relationship, and how the girls respond on those matters? This episode is the best remedy! We know that Love is so powerful and it felt by the heart. But Ooops! Our mind is also a big thing to nurture the LOVE and make it grow stronger. Discover things from an expert and let your mind be open! And Oh! Be caught by these 16 Dabawenyas! So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

PW Video Episode 099: The time has come for you to grab HAPPINESS!

Feel the awesomeness of these 25 ladies of CEBU
Who will attend the August Social Tour? Want some insights? Here are the 25 ladies of Cebu that will surely make your vacation a splendid one. They're not trying to be sexy but it's the only way of expressing themselves in front of the camera. It is pretty obvious how gorgeous they are and lovely as they look. There is nothing to fear about taking the risk and make a decision now for in this tour you might have the chance to change your life. Take a glimpse of our Cebu ladies that can absolutely make up your mind. Want to meet more of them? Be here and make things happen for REAL! This is an awesome opportunity for you, so what are you waiting for?

PW Video Episode 098: This is what happens when Filipino girls spell F-U-N

These 7 lucky ladies will surely make you jump off your seats!
Looking for a Sporty girl? This episode might be the key for your search! How about bump car riding? Hmmm Do you want to join the girls play golf? Or sit beside a girl on a dancing cup? Grab the chance and don't let this opportunity pass by. Create your own memorable experience with one of these girls and be captured! An extra fun journey is waiting for you here!!!

PW Video Episode 097: Why CEBU And Thier Beautiful Philippine Laides?

Still unsure about joining the Social Tour? Here's the answer...
Haven't tried the Social Tour? Confused? Wondering what are the kind of girls you will meet? Worry no more and simply watch this video to satisfy your doubts. Be stunned by these 11 women of Cebu and hear what their experiences and expectations are about the socials and tour. It's going to be a memorable experience in your life that you don't want to miss. Why do you have to be confused when the answer is clearly upon your eyes? Take a single step and start your journey. Be here. Make it real. Make it happen! Experience CEBU!

PW Video Episode 096: Unravel Davao's Finest With Five Irresistible Filipina Women

Take countless captivating walks and long talks with these beautiful ladies.
Enthusiastic! Attractive! Active! Bubbly! Adorable! Just as what you need and WANT for your bride! Get up close and personal with these five ladies and be gratified. Take a closer look at this video and you will find that each lady is "SIMPLY IRRESISTIBLE"!! We will showcase their personalities on and off cam which will make you discover the qualities they're looking for their groom to be! Isn't it exciting? Make DAVAO your top destination in your search for TRUE LOVE. Come and let these wonderful women charm you!!!

PW Video Episode 095: Life in the Philippines With 3 Filipina Women

Three lovely women of Cebu in their life adventure
Relax and embrace the culture and traditions of the Philippine women. Filipino's are known across the globe for being very hospitable and pleasing to be around. We also values family ties to the highest extent. This is the one thing that separates us from the rest of the world - our colorful and lively culture that makes us distinctly Filipino. And now, introducing the women here in Cebu, Philippines and witness how they manage their daily activities showing how responsible and loving they are in real life. Straight from their houses, working place and even in school. The Filipino way of life is something that cannot be captured on a graph, chart, or limited to words on a web article. It is an experience. There are many strange and exciting things with twists at every turn. It's an adventure you will never forget! So come to Cebu, Philippines and experience not just fun, but never ending happiness.

PW Video Episode 094: S.A.M.A.L and Philippine Women

We will never get enough of this beautiful island. Here are five beautiful reasons why.
Five beautiful Philippine women to brighten your day, Five beautiful women to show you the way to their HEART. Yes! We admit that we were not born to be naturally poetic like Shakespeare but we are sure once you see this video, your heart and eyes will be the ones telling you what to say. Pick a girl and look her straight in the eye; you will find out that it's her heart talking. Sitting around, you know, will get you nowhere. So what are you waiting for?

PW Video Episode 093: RECAP:Highlights Of The Most Sizzling Episodes

A chance for the beginning, or the beginning of an end?
Remember those all of those incredible videos from before? You might be wondering how the Cebu videos started? And still making and featuring gorgeous ladies for you. With love and honesty in the air, what else can we offer you to convince and start your search now? This is just the beginning of your search for love. This episode definitely ranks among the best episodes combing the series of our most watched videos. It's a sort of a reunion with our incredibly attractive ladies since day one. A recap for all those who have forgotten, or maybe didn't see, many of our previous episodes. Don't miss to your opportunity to book for our next Cebu August Group Tour. See you soon!

PW Video Episode 092: One Fine Day In The Philippines At Samal Island

Beautiful Philippine women! Totally unscripted! Totally unique, Totally Davao!
With the help of our dear friend Steve Jaworski, we get to learn more about the everyday lives of these four lucky Dabawenyas who are not afraid to share and say what is on their minds. Feel the authentic Davao City straight from these lovely women; the food, places to go and activities to share with that special someone. Life is indeed fun in the Philippines with so many stunning, single Filipina women. So what are you waiting for?

PW Video Episode 091: When Is It YOUR Turn To Meet A Beautiful Philippine Woman?

Take some advice from men who have taken the leap!
Have you ever thought that you have everything you need in your life except that special woman? Are you tired of being alone? Let's hear from the successful couples of this years most compelling testimonials about how their search began - and finally ended. It may not be easy to convince yourself to take a leap and try for something that maybe seems unatainable. Understood. It takes courage on your part to take this leap and put yourself out there.. Life can be an unending journey of "hope" until YOU make the decision to take the risk of the leap no matter if it's in your own hometown or in the Philippines. Make a decision NOW and see if a sincere Philippine womea of Cebu can capture your heart and make you the next successful man beyond dreams you could ever imagine!

PW Video Episode 090: Bumpin', Grinding, Beach Loving Philippine Women!

Have fun and fall in love with one of these Filipina women just like this lucky couple.
Got two left feet? Don't worry! Let these five lovely ladies show you how to dance, the sexy way! Be electrified, be touched, and be thrilled! Let those goose bumps rise on your skin while you make eye to eye contact with them. Don't be shy... this is your moment and your chance. You could be down on one knee, asking her to spend forever with you. Just like this touching wedding proposal from one of our guests from the March 2013 Socials. Be inspired by Evelyn and Allan's love story. Always remember, this lucky guy could be you. Take a chance on love, take the risk, travel and get your heart swept away.

PW Video Episode 089: What can you expect if you choose Cebu as your tour destination?

Meet the AFA Cebu Staff and see the procedure.
Let us take a tour of our Cebu operations and witness how the staff works hard just to reach your expectations. Here in Cebu everything is well facilitated especially in handling clients and other concerns. We make sure that we deliver a quality of service. Teamwork has become an important part of our organization and our approachable staff will be in charge of providing you the highest quality of service. Come to Cebu, Philippines and live the experience everyone is talking about while meeting your future Filipina bride.

PW Video Episode 088: How About A Game of Beach Volleyball?

Who would have thought that there was a sexier way of sweating your heart out?
Four fit and sexy bodies, all yours to enjoy. It's a hot and humid day outside, but that's not gonna stop these Filipina women from a fun day at the beach. Do you want to join them? They would love this. The Philippines is a tropical country, in case you haven't noticed, and It's summer for the most of the year! You need to come and meet these stunning Philippine women and all the other Filipina women you can enjoy during your adventure.

PW Video Episode 087: Philippine Island Hopping Adventure Part IV

Tired of the old-fashioned style date? Try this for romance!!
Planning a unique date can be difficult. It is always good to step outside the box of boring and embark on a date that is different, fun and memorable. How about an Island Hopping date? You might want to experience our crystal clear and tempting beaches in Cebu, Philippines. It's a day tour island experience with our tour clients of last January accompanied by their beautiful dates. Explore with us the Islets off Mactan channel where you can swim and be amazed with the colorful tropical fishe and coral. Enjoy a sumptuous picnic lunch along the seashore with your special Philippine woman. Cebu has got it ALL right here for you to have and enjoy! Your REAL reason to wait is ...?

PW Video Episode 086: Exotic Summer Up for Grabs with Stunning Philippine Women!

Oooh lala! Is there a better place to spend your summer than the islands?
A typical summer day in the Philippines is not only hot, it's extra sizzling! How would you like it if you were on a date with a shy looking girl but is an empress deep within? They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder; that indeed is true. Make your summer unique. Take a dip and dive in the cool and clear waters of Davao City's islands. But don't let that limit your summer escapade. Go ahead... take a hike, do some sports or simply bask under the sun while getting to know a special Filipino lady. You don't think that's possible? Oh sir, yes it really is!

PW Video Episode 085: BOHOL TOUR: 8 Destinations and more along the way! Part III

Attractions and must see countryside tour of BOHOL
Welcome to our country's number one tourist destination Bohol, Philippines. The Bohol Countryside Tour takes you on a memorable and fun-filled trip to Bohol's tourist attractions such as the world-renowned Chocolate Hills. The jewel of Bohol tourism, the Chocolate Hills is considered as one of the world's famous natural wonders. You will enjoy watching the widely known as the second smallest primate in the world which is the tarsier. Buffet lunch with your date at Loboc River Floating Restaurant. Admire these 8 destinations that you can experience if you will join our next Social Tour. We offer not just a tour but the potential of a lifetime partner. Experience the tour and make things happen for real!

PW Video Episode 084: Revealing the Summer Beauty

Just the smell of the summer can have you falling in love.
Summer romances begin for all kinds of reasons. Make your own summer worth remembering with these beautiful Philippine women. It would be great to have someone special to do day walks on the beach or on the pool side with one of these stunning Filipino island girls. It's summer and the memories are just waiting to happen!

PW Video Episode 083: Pool Party!! Part of Your Philippine Tour Experience! - Part II

A special afternoon during your tour of fun and filled with budding LOVE.
One of the most anticipated parts of the Cebu Socials is the pool party. Attire is simple; kick back in flip-flops and swimsuits. There's no better way to combine cooling off and having fun with your dates and friends at the pool. It's very entertaining to perceive these sexy Philippine girls as you dive-in and enjoying the cool water and heat of the sun with our January tour clients. Stop worrying about what to do and who to be with because our special Filipino women from Cebu are here with open arms ready to meet you. All you have to do is to be here and experience this amazing adventure. The most important thing is that YOU are in attendance! You should be absolutely certain to join our next tour this coming August 2013 and be the next man to realize his dreams by meeting the one incredible Philippine woman meant for him.

PW Video Episode 082: The Journey that is Davao City

Your exclusive preview of what awaits you when you come.
The March 2013 Davao City Socials have been held in time with the celebration of the 76th year of the City's Foundation. It is a happy time, especially when you get to roam around the city hand in hand with someone nice, someone beautiful and that someone could be the possible future Mrs. that you have been looking for. :) You are missing out on a lot if you have not decided to come by and spend worthy time here with us. What you are about to witness is the natural beauty of our landscapes and the genuine fun that you will surely experience. Find out what happens on our excursions and you'll see yourself signing up for the next scheduled tour!

PW Video Episode 081: Experience The Ultimate Tour Of Your Dreams - Part I

Get on the next tour to Cebu, Philippines in Aug. 2013
The remarkable Cebu January tour 2013. Count the number of clients who attended the tour and hear their sincere testimonials. In Cebu, Philippines you will be surrounded with heavenly beauties of Filipina women. You will likely not want to go home! The tour was epic and everybody enjoyed their incredible adventure. There simply are no dull moments. Get off the fence as these men have. Take a tour now and stop worrying about tomorrow. It's the only way you can make it happen. It's the only way you can xperience it for real. It's the ONLY way you can make your dreams come true!

PW Video Episode 080: March 2013 Davao City - Philippines Socials

Every year, it just gets BIGGER and BETTER
Here is a sweet sneak peek of how well Davao City throws a party. We have it all; budding friendships, blossoming relationships and most of all outstanding beautiful Davao women who are sincere in their search for a special man. The party in you will surely enjoy everything we have laid out. And trust that while all the fun is happening, the Cupids arrows do not stop flying. We are once again, a witness to how this darling lady said yes to her lucky man. Not exciting enough for you? We have, as special guests, a successful couple who are now happily married with their two little angels. Yes! It is real. And if it can happen for them, it can most certainly happen for you! Book for your October 2013 Davao City Socials NOW!

PW Video Episode 079: When will you say, "I do"?

Could you be the next?
You wouldn't believe how successful these people are in their search of finding a good woman to marry. You will love watching every minute of this episode and absorb how they share their once in a lifetime finest experience here in Cebu! Hear how real they are and how serious they are in their search. You can see it in their eyes how truthful and joyful they are. How to start? Believe in yourself and feel what's inside you. Then what you need to do is to invest your time and effort to be one of these lucky, successful people. You can't otherwise. Join us, as we guide you to your success!

PW Video Episode 078: I do and then...

Life during happily ever after.
Yes indeed! We do keep in touch with our former clients. From the first day of VISA processing until that blissful moment when a little bundle of joy drops in to make their lives a little happier than it already is. Once again, this depicts the reality of the natural process of life, love and marriage. This episode features real life married couples who met through the service. We also have a video testimonial of a Merry Ann, another happy woman who just got engaged. It is indeed a wonderful opportunity here in Davao City, Philippines. Where life and love is abundant. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes!

PW Video Episode 077: Philippine Swimsuit Presentation - Part II

BUT WAIT! There's more of these stunning Philippine women...
This is more of the 19 beautiful Philippine women that wait for you in Cebu - and initially featured in episode #75. Definitely, you will enjoy your singles vacation in the Philippines. Despite our very best effort, it's hard to truly capture the beauty and genuineness of these Filipina women. In this video you will hear them talk, laugh and play. Meeting them in person is a once in a lifetime chance for you and be able to see how sexy, glamorous, presentable, and SINCERE they really are and in a way that can never be conveyed in a picture, text or video. They are patiently waiting for you!!! You have to meet her to marry her!

PW Video Episode 076: Questions and Answers with Philippine Women

Tune in to find out what these Davao ladies really think about foreign guys and relationships.
So this time around, we have invited 11 Philippine women from Davao to join us. We sat down to talk about some questions which we know, have always been running around your head but have always found it awkward to really ask about it in person. Do you want to know more about them? Just give us a buzz and we'll be ready to satisfy your inquiries. See a stunning Filipino woman in this episode that interests you? You still have time! Book your March Davao Tour Now!

PW Video Episode 075: Philippine Swimsuit Presentation - Part I

An eye-popping episode with 19 outstanding Filipino women.
Presenting the 19 selected Philippine women of Cebu showing off their sexy bikinis as you hear their thoughts and dreams of their future. This is an extraordinary episode, so prepare to witness how gorgeous these Philippine women from Cebu are and be amazed at how they present themselves to attract you! You might want to join them in this romantic place where you can have your date and swim at the Villa Teresita Resort in Talisay City, Cebu. It's not just their stunning looks that should attract you but the inner beauty they clearly exhibit. Come and swim with these beautiful Philippine women in Cebu!

PW Video Episode 074: Stunned By The Power of Three (Beautiful Women)

They are not only amazingly beautiful, but these Philippine women are smart and funny as well!
Fresh as the morning dew, three lovely Davao women will introduce the Philippine summer time for you! Are you looking for someone who has the body, the beauty and the desire? Then, add to that, someone who is family oriented and who loves to spend time with her one and only man. Would you like to be that guy? Our Davao tour is coming up so why don't you sign up TODAY and see for yourself how warm a Davao lady's hand feels when you hold it in yours?

This episode features these beautiful, single Philippine women:

PW Video Episode 073: A Competition of Beauty and Personality

Cebuano, Philippine women are naturally beautiful!
Watch the beauties of Cebu, Philippines and be amazed how they share their individual talents and intelligence. MISS CEBU PHILIPPINES 2013 is one of the most watched beauty pageants in the Philippines. Cebuano ladies are not just known for their incredible beauty but also because of their cleverness. This is just a little taste of the Cebu experience in the Philippines.

PW Video Episode 072: Hello February, Hello my Valentine!

Open up your heart for Cupid, and watch these beautiful Philippine women!
February, the month of love is here once again. The cupids are busy shooting on lonely hearts that needs some knocking and some rocking. This week, we bring you four fresh and lively hearts that are waiting for the right man to bring them to that ideal Valentine's Day date. We have another surprise up in our sleeve, how about another success story from our latest tour? We thank David F. and Michelle for the opportunity of being one of the witnesses to their beautiful engagement. Yes! Dreams do come true! They found each other, and they found love. Nowhere else, but here in tropical and romantic island of the Philippines!

This episode features these beautiful, single Philippine women:

PW Video Episode 071: Tropical Women in the Philippines

Passionate. Loving. Honest. Here are the women!
Another searing and interesting video for you to witness. These summerlike ladies are intensely serious in finding their one true love. Could that be you? When there is love there is no distance. Love does not appear with any warning signs. It's inevitable. Be captured by their real beauty and heart and get ready to experience a once in a lifetime chance and discover more about these 8 stunning women. Seeing these gorgeous women can you make you fall in love in just the glimpse of an eye. Begin your search now!

This episode features these beautiful, single Philippine women:

PW Video Episode 070: Cheers to Happy Hearts!

We celebrate the New Year by looking back to an awesome 2012
Nothing gives us more happiness than hearing from our satisfied clients. 2012 was a very good year for us and we are sure that we will be having a bigger and greater 2013. Do you want to be one of these happy men? Here's your chance! Treat yourself by jumping on the next plane to Davao City to meet these beautiful Philippine women.. See you on the next TOUR!

PW Video Episode 069: Pit Senior Cebu!

Experience Sinulog in Cebu and dance with us!
The Sinulog festival is one of the grandest, most distinguished, most colorful and the mother of all festivals in the Philippines. It's an annual festival held on the third Sunday of January in Cebu City to celebrate and honor the Santo Niño. The main feature is a street parade with participants in bright colored costumes dancing to the rhythm of drums, trumpets and native gongs. This festival has been promoted as a tourist attraction, with a contest featuring contingents from various parts of the country. 'Sinulog' comes from the Cebuano adverb sulog which is "like water current movement," which proficiently describes the forward-backward movement of the Sinulog dance. Let us move our feet and dance to the beat!!!!

PW Video Episode 068: Happily Ever After - A True Story of Real Love

Special Feature Presentation: "Chris & Bebs" - A step by step process in falling in love
Here's how a budding romance develops and successfully blooms into something we all have been dreaming of; tying the knot with the one we love. Today we present to you the newlyweds: Mr & Mrs Chris Kiser. We have been blessed to be a part to their love story, from the very beginning until the day they decided to become one. Let us show you how this could possibly happen to you just as long as you stay with the process with patience and genuine intentions.

PW Video Episode 067: Do You Believe That Love Can Move A Mountain?

Climb your greatest desire and see these 8 stunning women of Cebu!
Now let's take a look of one of the famous mountain resort here in Cebu. As we take you to Genesis Valley, which is located in the remote area of Cabangahan, in Consolacion, Cebu.This mountain resort is very spacious, which makes it ideal for camping and big events. A major feature is the swimming pool, which has a Jacuzzi. It also has a chapel, a lagoon and several animal species. We've been to different places, like beaches and historical places, now let's climb to the mountain part of Cebu and discover what beauty it has to offer! It's a good place for you if you are not as fond of the beach as others are. A very starry-eyed place for you to have a date with your special someone. You will love the nature and will fall in love with these beautiful women of Cebu as they share their wishes for 2013.

PW Video Episode 066: She'll be coming around the mountain when she comes ...

No matter where you put them, beautiful Filipinas will shine!
It is a frosty time, but it's not because of the snow. It is because of certain lonely hearts this holiday season. We have four ladies here who are longing to spend their special days with the right man. They need that knight in shining armor who will rescue them from a life of solitude. Keep these ladies company by giving them a few minutes of your time today. You could always jump on a plane, meet them and take a dip in the pool with them, right?

PW Video Episode 065: AFA Cebu Staff Christmas Special 2012

Be thrilled and celebrate with our hardworking staff and beautiful Philippine women.
Behold the beauty and intelligence of the Cebuano women as we bring you another eye-popping episode. It's a tribute to the people behind the scenes who work very hard just to satisfy your needs. Meet the Cebu staff and enjoy our Christmas special as we serenade you and thrill you with song and rhythm that will keep you dancing on your feet. Happy Holidays from Cebu!

PW Video Episode 064: Merry Christmas from Davao!

How we turn a cold rainy day into a hot Christmas party?
The color red does not only stand for hearts and romantic flowers, but it is also widely used as the Christmas color that reminds us how merry everyone's spirits should be. Talking about the color, let us present to you how well these beautiful Philippine women wear the color red. Even though this is a Christmas episode, I am sure that your eyes and pupils will take the shape of a heart with what you are about to see. Sit back, relax and enjoy the view! A Merry little Christmas from Davao City!

PW Video Episode 063: Let's Get Fit and be Ready to Get Wet and Sweaty

A healthy lifestyle with sexy ladies dancing the Zumba!
Forget about the workout. Just lose yourself in the music. Get groovin' and see how these beautiful Filipina women sway their sexy hips. You will be energized simply watching this episode of Philippine Weekly. Today, we bring you a different showcase of our Cebu women dancing the Zumba, also known as Zumba Fitness, physical exercise movement. Be fit and be inspired by these stunning women. Come to Cebu and you'll find a total package, an activity party and a lover as well!

PW Video Episode 062: When it rains, it pours beautiful women in Davao City!

Witness another Filipino family tradition and hear what these ladies have to say.
Here we feature how Filipino women spend their 1st of November night. There is no trick or treating - not even a costume party. Here is your front row seat to seeing the real deal! Witness the spiritual side of Filipinos and find out if you would want to be a part of a closed knit family. No matter what the race, the gender or religion, this is one of those moments when we are proud of who we are. Three beautiful women are here to tell you all about themselves as well.

PW Video Episode 061: The CEBU Experience!

Historic and cultural sightseeing in Cebu
Now we will take you into the history of Cebu, Philippines. Often called the "Queen City of the South" and the Seat of Christianity in the Philippines, Cebu is the country's oldest city. Exploring Cebu City, one encounters a rich historic past. Cebuanos are extremely proud of their cultural and historical heritage, a legacy which has endured thru the centuries from the time the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan first planted the cross on Cebu's shore. Witness one of the tourists' spots here in Cebu, The Fort San Pedro (Pier Area, Cebu City) the smallest, oldest tri-bastion fort in the country. Take the chance to embrace the history of the Philippines. These beautiful Philippine women anticipate seeing you here in CEBU!

PW Video Episode 060: Watch and Re-Live. Davao City's October 2012 Socials Tour!

An Octoberfest that you surely won't forget...
Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Read all about it! To see is to believe - Now, here is your chance to witness one of the best socials tour from Davao City, Philippines. Nineteen guys have had their taste of it, now let us see how well they did from making friends, meeting beautiful ladies and by just simply; enjoying the time they have spent here in our humble city. We are happy to tell you that we have quite a number of successful engagements from this party. Want to be one of the lucky men to have finally met the lady of his dreams? This is not the time to sit back and relax, get up and fly over here! You know you want to.

PW Video Episode 059: Hot List Women of CEBU!

Not sure where to begin? Pay attention and listen here.
In today's fast paced world, meeting the right person is a major challenge. However, you should take the plunge and give it a try for you to know if it can work or not. With this episode we bring you 8 gorgeous Philippine women from Cebu enjoying a day at the pool. Hear what their hearts and minds are searching for. You might be the missing piece that they long to have for the rest of their life. Treating yourself sometimes is a small price to pay for living a full life. Sit and relax as we bring some of today's most admirable women of Cebu, Philippines.

PW Video Episode 058: Another Davao Halloween Night to Remember

Watch the stars and wish on a sky lantern, fall in love at HEROCA Estates!
Jack o lanterns, candle lit skulls and bewitchingly sexy women Yes! It is that spooky - sexy time of the year again. Welcome to our Halloween episode! Situated at the gardens of HEROCA estates, six beautiful and real women from Davao City will not only talk about themselves, but also their annual family traditions. When a woman talks, it's not just her mind and mouth speaking, the messages also come from the heart. Hold your breath, close your eyes and imagine how good it would feel if you were right there with them.

PW Video Episode 057: Chocolate Kisses Paired with Sweet Ladies!

We give more than just a tour. We give the EXPERIENCE!
Welcome to Bohol, one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Philippines. The enticing travels in the island of Bohol which offers the beauty of their beaches, chocolate hills, tarsiers and the floating restaurants in Loboc River. Bohol is fast becoming the country's premiere tourist destination, with its vast wealth of natural, cultural and historical treasures such as the world-famous Chocolate Hills which is a vast terrain of mounds like cones having symmetrical shape of a chocolate kisses. Also, see a glimpse of one of the successful couples we have from our recent August tour. A surprised proposal and a BIG YES! A worry free and exciting vacation adventure is guaranteed!

PW Video Episode 056: A Countryside Experience at Heroca Farm Estate

A food trip to the rural community down south with 4 lovely Filipina women from Davao
Most of our ladies have their roots from rural areas which we termed the "probinsiya". Here, we bring you a unique view of life in the province when celebrating fiestas, birthdays or weddings, we called "kasalan" or a welcome celebration for someone who arrived back from a long absence from their hometowns. Located about two hours away from the city, Davao del Sur is a fruit basket and highest producers of mangoes, coconuts, rice and corn and other staple foods. Here, life is very simple. What surrounds you are vast mountains, greens, woodlands and a lot of fresh air. This life is what we missed and what these four ( 4 ) Davao Filipina women can share with you whose families and roots are from the south. This excursion to a rural community and neighborhood away from the tenets of steel and concrete is a rare opportunity that so many of us missed. After that long ride is a dip on the pool. We're sure you would not want to miss an experience like this when you are in Davao driving with one of these beautiful Filipina women featured here.

PW Video Episode 055: Fun! Fun! Fun! Island Hopping in Cebu!!

Swimming and sunbathing with a date!
Enjoy the warm weather and awesome sunsets, the full moon rising, beautiful Philippine dates and some cocktails. Island Hopping is a popular activity among those staying in Cebu City and Mactan Island, Philippines. We have several islands and marine sanctuaries nearby where one can go snorkeling, diving, or just relax. Since the Philippines is comprised of over 7200 islands, there are lots of islands to hop. Clients enjoyed their 7 hour cruise around Mactan and different islands. Island hopping has been a must among tourists coming to Cebu because of the convenience and spectacular tropical islands. But it's not just that! Witness the surprise engagement party from one of our the clients from our August group tour. Sometimes it can happen fast and the results are clear.

PW Video Episode 054: Let Us Welcome October the Davao Way!

Learn more about our Davao and it's Filipina women, straight from another happy client!
Singing along the videoke machine and dancing to happy tunes is not just another activity. To Filipino women, it is a form of special bonding and a great way to establish promising relationships. Our Davao office has been, once again, blessed with a fun loving client who is very happy with his experience. Want to know more about it? Watch and listen as he tells you how easy and possible it would be for you to be sitting on the very chair that he is sitting on, to be wearing that happy smile, to be dancing with beautiful and lively Filipina women of Davao. Four alluring ladies will talk about the life that they are willing to share with that special someone. Who knows? That special man could be you!

PW Video Episode 053: Afternoon Swimming at the Pool with Gorgeous Women!

This may be fast but it's how things can work!
You might want to know how these clients enjoyed their stay in Cebu after the Socials. Let's take an afternoon break as they invited some of our stunning women in Cebu to join them for a pool party and swim. See their smiles covered with overwhelmed hearts. As what they said, you should get to experience this! These clients are very happy and many of them are now engaged! Make YOUR reservation TODAY!

PW Video Episode 052: The Famous "KINILAW" Filipino Dish, Prepared by the Sexiest Davao Chefs

Women from Davao will show you how to make the most talked about Filipino dish, the Kinilaw, and more!
"The way to a man's heart is through his stomach", they say. True or not, you will want to watch this episode. A pound of kiss for an ingredient of a perfect "kinilaw"! But of course, beautiful chefs from Davao also say, the fresher, the better. Complete your day with these beauties in the sun by the Davao beach, amazing talents and words from another success couple story (Maisa and Bill Frick). Joining the ladies is host Bebs and her fiancee Chris, all in one great episode!. Make the month of October to be your month of love during our tour to Davao! It's not yet too late!

PW Video Episode 051: Cebu's Grand August Social Tour 2012.

A remarkable experience you MUST experience!
Now we give you an exciting video from our recent August Grand Social Tour. Watch how our Cebu ladies captured the hearts of some of our AFA clients and got engaged after the tour. Two nights full of excitement and incredible moments. A must see video; this is all about how we make things possible for you guys. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end. It's not just about searching but this is about how you enjoy and fall in love at the same time. Are you going to be a participant, or just a spectator? You can't marry her if you don't MEET her! Make a move now and we will help you end your search!

PW Video Episode 050: Special Episode: Miss Philippine Body Beautiful Bikini Contest 2012

Exclusive coverage of the Gorgeous and Hottest Bikini Event in Davao
Get ready as we showcase on this episode, one of the mouth-watering, eye-catching and heart-pumping events that would surely capture your imagination. You will surely feel the heat as the stage will burn of 15 EXTREMELY HOT Ladies competing for the crown of the next Miss Body Beautiful 2012. They will flaunt their best bikini bodies, sway their bouncing hips and dance their way to the beat of impelling music. Your mind will surely explode upon seeing the hidden beauty of a true Filipina. With a special appearance of our one and only, Manager of the Davao Operations, Ms. Helen R. Cayanong, as the Chairman of the Board of Judges.

PW Video Episode 049: Five Beautiful Philippine Women. See It. Believe It. Book It.

These superb Filipina ladies are here for REAL - Waiting to meet YOU!
Five magnificent ladies ready to settle down and want to meet you! These ladies are serious about their search and would love to share their lives with you. A very rip-roaring video for you to watch and you better be ready because you just might find your better half in this video. Five attractive women at the beach of another beautiful Cebu resort, singing, dancing and sharing their hopes about finding a special man.

PW Video Episode 048: Meet these Philippine women and dig what's in the city!

What else do we know in the City aside from these gorgeous Filipina women?
Beat the heat and explore the great outdoors. There is so much that awaits you! It is the largest city in Asia in terms of land area. But the wonders of Davao City do not stop there. Experience the countryside life just minutes away from downtown, treat your taste buds for a unique culinary experience only Davao can offer. We feature once again, a group of beautiful and warm davaoenas Philippine women - who are just waiting for you to come and meet them! Jump in the fun! Davao City "Life is Here"

PW Video Episode 047: What's Your Sign? Let These 5 Women Catch Your Star!

Five exquisite Philippine women from CEBU waiting for you!
Join us as we take you to the North side of Cebu. Let us discover how these 5 women reveal their astrological signs. What's the best sign suitable to you? Does the star play an important role in your search? Watch this video and listen to their zodiac signs and be amazed how they talk and sing from their hearts. Hurry up and make a reservation to join our August Tour for Cebu. Come, let us fulfill your search with these beautiful Philippine women!

PW Video Episode 046: 5 Philippine Women in A Prelude Episode for the Kadayawan Festival

Witness Kadayawan in Davao and be stunned with these genuine women!
"Kadayawan sa Dabaw" is an inspiring festival and experience with a difference as its explores the past, present and future of the Davaoenaos, the Mindanaoans and the Filipinos. A celebration that interfaces the three aspects: tribal, industrial, arts and entertainment. Be part of Davao's grand celebration of the festival! Experience how is it going to be with the Philippine women of Davao, living in the most livable City, Davao! On the other hand, feel the warm welcome of the friendly Filipinos, of the lovely women regardless of your race, color of the skin and prestige in life. Witness how these beautiful women sincerely want you to be with them in celebrating their own festival.

PW Video Episode 045: Let These Philippine Women Serenade You!

Seven Lovely Women From Cebu, Philippines
Have you ever been serenaded by a sexy Filipina woman singing a love song? Get ready and prepare yourself as these women serenade you endlessly! Another exhilarating video for you to watch, as these gorgeous women share with you their angelic voices. "Videoke" is much-loved pastime in the Philippines and is a natural progression of karaoke. It incorporates both music and video. This location in Cebu is a very soothing place for you to chill and spend time with your date. But you have to be there to welcome these lovely Philippine women into your heart!

PW Video Episode 044: Philippine Women: Let's do The Hula-Hoop!

Throw the disc, bring the hoop, hula and sway with these Davao women.
Fun and adventure with several Philippine women? We have that! Rain dance! We will show that! Throwing the disc and swinging in the ring? Just watch what we have prepared in this video episode for you. So stop, look and listen to our Davao ladies and let them take you in this episode to the Blue Waters Resort, the hidden splendor of Samal Island. These women will not only show you their charming smiles, they will also tell you how they really want to have someone like you in their life soon. So get involved and be in love! Your destiny can begin now but only if you hurry and come to DAVAO!

PW Video Episode 043: Seven Lovely Philippine Women Enjoy a Cebu Beach Resort

At just one of Cebu's many incredible resorts, these beautiful Filipina women introduce themselves.
Whatever your soul is made of, for sure you will find someone who will fit your search! You will be astonished with these lovely Philippine women and witness how sincere they are about their search for a special man. They have been waiting for this chance to present their hopes and desires to you. The chances are you might very well find your life partner here among these beautiful Philippine women. They are real women but you can't marry them if you don't MEET them! Make your reservation today for the most exciting and rewarding adventure of your life!

PW Video Episode 042: Passionate Philippine Davaoenas Await You!

Six faithful and gorgeous Philippine women of Davao for this week's poolside episode!
Six dazzling women from Davao will rock your world this week! Witness how they transform into runway models in their own way by the poolside. These Philippine women are superstars with their style and smiles and it is a plus to know that behind those stunning smiles, sexy bodies and pretty faces is an affectionate Filipina woman with a big heart that is full of passion. They are just waiting for your words of attention and heart of adoration. Love happens when you choose to begin it, so get in touch with them and start your romance. You would be waiting for what?

PW Video Episode 041: Come Alive At The Beach In Cebu, Philippines!

These Philippine women express their ultimate search.
All men and women have an equal need for love. The question is, when will you meet her? Everyone has the right to get married and enjoy the life of having a loving partner. Someone who can brighten up your day and understands all that you are. We all have criteria of what we've always imagined in and wanted from a partner. A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit your keys, and keys to fit your locks. Now discover these Filipina women as they express themselves in their amazing search of love! Indeed they are serious, sincere, true and kind. You should start checking your list and making a plan now to travel and MEET them in person!

PW Video Episode 040: Be an instant Zorbonaut! Be inspired by these Davao women!

Another exciting experience with Davao women and breathtaking views!
Designed by a world renowned architect, the 7,039 yard romp through undulating fairways, dramatic elevation changes, excellent views, overlooking the town of Mandug will be found in Davao City, the Rancho Palos Verdes; one of the best golf courses in the Philippines. Zorbing or Globe Riding is becoming one of the most popular outdoor activities in Davao City too. It involves rolling down in a gentle slope hill inside a huge inflatable and transparent ball; it's another exhausting experience that you would surely try! Breathe as you walk in the water without literally touching it inside the water ball and observe how these brave women of Davao manage to smile. Envy this couple, George and Anamayer, who share their love story. This is a couple married for 3 years, who are here on their return vacation in Davao. All of this in one episode! What are you waiting for? Start making your dreams comes true in DAVAO!

PW Video Episode 039: Come Swim With These Beautiful Philippine Women In Cebu!!

A beach adventure with 5 spectacular Philippine women.
Welcome to the island paradise Mactan, Cebu. Summer is not yet ended and these 5 Philippine girls will surely enrich your summer escapade in Cebu. Mactan is a very tranquil and romantic place to go for a relaxing time with your special someone. It's a place to choose if you are seeking a true 'break from the maddening world' where you can relax and soak up the tropical sun and breeze while you swim in crystal seas. Watch these lovely Filipino women introduce themselves to you and invite you to meet them personally. They enjoy swimming in the sea, playing volleyball, talking, walking along the tropical beach and just enjoying this romantic destination. But you can't get to know these stunning Philippine women and hundreds of others unless you commit to meeting them. You will be captured by their tempting Filipina beauty. Better to meet them for REAL not tomorrow, but NOW!

PW Video Episode 038: Need an Escape? Then get ready for D'Leonor's Fun Part 2

Get ready for another way to spend summer in Davao? Summer fun part 2 is here!
Did you catch the five stunning Philippine women of Davao in D' Leonor Inland Resort a couple of weeks ago? Well it didn't just end right there. This week, summer fun in Davao is still going on! Watch this episode and fall in love with Davao's other way of spending summer under the sun and be inspired by another 5 beautiful Philippine women from Davao! These women are enjoying D' Leonor's other amenities. It's always fun in Davao especially when you are in the company of such beautiful women. So what are you waiting for? Pack your things and get over to meet them! They will wait for you to arrive and never forget to wait for our upcoming episodes from Davao that will bring you more and more incredible Philippine women!

PW Video Episode 037: Sexy Outfits, Bikinis, Stunning Philippine Girls and More!

Fresh, lovely, elegant Philippine women from Cebu.
Not everyone can wear a sexy bikini well and with taste and elegance. But these 5 sexy ladies have the right attitude and confidence to carry off a two-piece bikini with style. Their confidence and sincere personalities are evident. Very seriously, these 5 stunning women want to meet you in person. They don't want to stay single and neither do you. They want to find a special man for their life. You should make your plans now to open the door and actually meet them in person. In this video, you will be charmed by their bright smiles, alluring eyes and loving personalities. You will not regret it when you visit these incredible women in the tropical atmosphere of Cebu, Philippines with the finest beaches and friendliest people in the world. And you will have the chance to embrace the awesome culture of these women from the Philippines as well. After this video, and the many others, you will be making your reservation to the Philippines TODAY! It can only be you if you take the next step and commit to meeting them and hundreds of other just as lovely Philippine women!

PW Video Episode 036: Astonishing "Summer Splash and Wave" Fun in Davao Part 1

It's fun in the Davao Sun! Are you ready for another fantastic summer experience?
Enjoy entertaining new faces of beautiful Philippine women playing and splashing in one of Davao's exciting wave pools. With 5 stunning ,Davao women looking for a special man in marriage they are definitely contrasting as to what they are really looking for in a man. These women are looking for a genuine, serious and forever loving man in their life! The ladies are in the resort commonly called D' Leonor Inland Resort and Adventure Park. Obviously it's only the wave pool and the warm smiles of the ladies that you can see. The rest of their personalities and adventurous ways will only be seen in our next episode. Another love in the air will only blossom if you choose to start it! The choice is always yours. Take advantage of the opportunity and let YOUR love story begin in the Philippines!

PW Video Episode 035: How Can You Make Your Summer Adventurous and Perfect?

Fall in love with the summer and these 5 gorgeous Filipino women.
Trying to figure out how you should be enjoying this summer? Be prepared, and watch this eye-popping episode. Pay attention and listen carefully to what these beautiful Filipino women are looking for. Think about a summer adventure that includes meeting them in person. So simple, easy and exciting. It's time to feel the heat of the tropical sun, the beauty of the country and stunning women and put some adventure in your summer!!

PW Video Episode 034: Position, Target, Fire, Bang! The Mission Is Possible In Davao With These 5 Stunning Women!

Five beautiful, sporty ladies of Davao have an adventure of their own.
Targeting in this episode are the Davao's new spirited women who surely will target your heart. Pretty, genuine and looking for the love of their life - that's their mission. It will be more fun only if you're here with them. Experience jogging in Davao City Seawall AKA: "Baywalk" noted for its replica of Michelangelo's David statue, bear your athletic look and smile, strike your racket and spike the shuttleball in Davao Badminton world and fire the "board and boom" in the Davao Shooting Range! It's a lot of fun in the Philippines and you can try it like one of our clients did in this exciting episode! Plus, of course, the incredibly beautiful women who are sincerely seeking a life-mate for marriage is just another adventure of it's own altogether! You can contact and actually MEET these women in Davao!

PW Video Episode 033: Literally On TOP of Cebu With 5 Stunning Philippine Women!

Incredible beauty at the PEAK of the Queen City of the South Philippines.
Now let us climb to a place considered to be a tourist attraction in the modern times. Tops, as it is called is on top of the cool Busay hills. It's a 30-minute uphill, winding road drive from the city where one can enjoy a panoramic view of Metro Cebu. It's an incredible place to visit at sunset and watch the Cebu City lights come alive. Watch these 5 alluring Philippine women in their stunning beauty at the top of Cebu. It's a very solemn and romantic place to bring your date when you visit. Breathtaking may be such a clich to use when describing something that, well, simply takes your breath away. But no other word could ever be used to describe a view of the entire Cebu City from a "deck" that is equally beautiful. What are you waiting for? You can see it all for yourself and MEET these lovely women!

PW Video Episode 032: Quixotic Duo and New, Beautiful Women in Davao's Anniversary Special

AFA Davao Birthday blast and more! Be here, be happy!
Davao Operations office's 6th anniversary! 6 years of glorious milestones, of achievement and of love and marriage. Featuring another one of the company's successes; a happy couple for their new beginning and pledges for everlasting bliss and, of course, another batch of new women from Davao! Envious already? So mark this as a start for coming into one of these women's lives and have the chance to smile like the many other successful couples assisted by the Davao Office. Meet some of the people behind the company's success in Davao with all of these beautiful Philippine women. It is indeed not the end, but another year of excellence towards our future walk in the aisle of love and marriage.

PW Video Episode 031: On a high with a ZIP!!

A hillside adventure with 5 Cebuano ladies.
Zip-lining in Cebu at Doce Pares Mountain Training Park. After basking in the sun and enjoying Cebu's pristine beaches, the next exciting activity you should try is the zip lining over the treetops and ravines feeling the cool wind in your face. Watch how Cebu offers more than a handful of zip line adventures that will allow thrill seekers and nature lovers to enjoy the province's natural beauty. An exciting and a more thrilling eco-adventure in Cebu. Enjoy as you watch some activities such as narrow bamboo bridge, wire walking, all-terrain vehicle (atv) ride, and zip-lining. Witness how these Cebuano women faced their fear and still managed to look awesome on camera. Be THRILLED and stay on the edge of your seat because this is a spine- tingling video to watch with five new, beautiful Philippine women who would like to meet you!

PW Video Episode 030: Davao's HOLY WEEK Religious Specials

An Escape to Seagull Mountain Resort and the Shrine of the Infant Jesus of Prague
How do Filipinos celebrate Holy Week? In this predominantly Catholic country, the Philippine's religious observance is one of the most fascinating religious events. Most businesses are closed for the week-long solemn celebration. The ancient customs of observing the traditional religious festivity during the Lent is drawing a big crowd of devotees doing the "Way of the Cross" as shown here with four (4) of our exquisite ladies in Davao. Rare but true, these ladies are waiting for their Mr. Right who can understand their religious beginnings. The antiquity of our celebrations led Filipinos to practice church recollection, act of penance, street processions and fasting. The week-long holiday allowed family bonding and visitation leading up to Easter Sunday celebration of the Risen Christ. Filipinos are on the festive mood at the parks, a joyous picnic dip at the rivers and beaches and an Easter egg-hunting activities for children on Easter Sunday.

PW Video Episode 029: An Awesome Summer "Splash" In Cebu!!

It's summertime!! Are you ready to enjoy a swim with these 6 Cebuano ladies?
Feel the heat of the sun and experience an inviting summer dip with them. They have been waiting for you, to feel your love, sincerity, honesty, and truthfulness. Yes, these incredible Philippine women are indeed serious about their search for love and you have the chance grab this opportunity. You will be captivated with their beautiful smiles and hear what they are hoping for. Watch the summer beauty of these stunning women of the Philippines.

PW Video Episode 028: Highlights of "Araw ng Dabaw" 2012 & The March Philippine Singles Tour

A rare opportunity for foreigners to take a tour on Davao's Special Day
We would like to celebrate your birthday and meet hundreds of beautiful Philippine women plus join the Davaoenos during the birth of the beautiful city called "Davao" That's what Bill experienced. This episode is packed with video highlights of entertaining events. Watch another testimonial from our very own Noime and Tom who got engaged and who are now just waiting for her visa. There are also pictures and videos of beautiful ladies who enjoyed the Socials, lots and lots of happy faces and, of course, you introduced to some incredibly wonderful Philippine women waiting to meet you. But don't just watch and listen. What are you waiting for? You are invited to come and experience the special moments in Davao yourself!

PW Video Episode 027: Fun And More Beautiful Women In CEBU!!

Super Hot Summer Experience With 6 Gorgeous Filipina Women!
Well guys, in this episode you will witness how these 6 glamorous Filipina women can turn your summer sizzling hot!! It's a perfect escapade and a very soothing place to bring your date and share the perfect atmosphere. Perhaps you should ask yourself if you want to MEET them personally or just keep on watching their videos? Prepare and be amazed how we gathered these wonderful women to share themselves and what their ideal man would be. Be attentive and stay focused because this is a very exciting video to watch!!

PW Video Episode 026: HOT! HOT! HOT! The Summer Heat In Davao? Philippines Is Just Getting Started With These Girls!!

Ever experienced falling in love at first sight? Let this video show you how real it can be.
Do you believe in love at first sight? We know a few people that do - you see in this video. Witness another demonstration of how easy it is to achieve true happiness, just as long as you believe that it exists. This week's episode showcases 5 hopeful Philippine girls who are ready for love and everything that comes along with it. Another plus is the little talk we have with just another successful couple who met through the service and were just recently engaged and waiting to get her visa. Come and hear their story and let them tell you how good it feels to find exactly what you are looking for in a person - and also be introduced to some MORE sincere, cute Philippine girls who hope to meet you!

PW Video Episode 025: See These REAL Filipina Women and HEAR What They Hope For!

Unlock the silence and be enticed with these stunning women.
In this video you hear them talking and singing. These beautiful Philippine women as they share what their ideal dates would be and the things they want to do on their dates. Everyone dreamed of having a ROMANTIC date. They've unlocked their hearts and speak to what their deepest desires are. Obviously these women want to meet a man who is willing to travel and meet them in person! If you think you want to end your search with one of these incredible Filipina women, then what are you waiting for? Make it happen and be realistic! Cebu, Philippines is a wonderful destination and we assure you that these ladies are willing to meet you.

PW Video Episode 024: A Relaxing Day at Seagrass Philippine Beach Resort

Be Mesmerized! Be Inspired! Fall in LOVE this Spring with a Beautiful Philippine Girl!
How do you measure success in life and in love? We all have our ways, and it doesn't really even matter how you measure this personally. What's MOST important is that you are able to enjoy life with the right person, we can all agree. This week we have been blessed with the company of a lovely couple, who have just tied the knot in a traditional T'boli tribal marriage fashion. But of course, our feature video presentation does not stop there. Four fresh faces of Davao City will accompany you in welcoming the summer heat! Young at heart and matured enough to know what they want out of life surely these Filipina women will awaken the sleeping heart that you hold.

PW Video Episode 023: Are You Ready to Experience Our Cebu Tour Socials?

Make it happen, make it real! Meet 15 special women!
Have you been on one of our excitng tours to the Philippines? If not, then this is your chance to watch and be convinced about how opportunity is made possible but only for the men who get off the couch and GO! As you witness the Cebu socials you will be amazed at seeing all of these gorgeous ladies YOU would have the opportunity to meet. See how they interact and how they share themselves with the gentlemen they've been waiting to meet. We bring you more fun like, dancing, singing and games. The highlight of these multiple events is to help these men build a good foundation with the women they MAY be interested in. And it's not unusual for the "chemistry" to spark instantly with more than one couple. As both the men and women in this video enjoy the adventure in Cebu, you will be wondering and dreaming about why YOU are not there yourself!

PW Video Episode 022: A Loving Day at "Leticia By The Sea" in Davao

My Love, My Life, My Friend
This video episode could probably be one of the best Valentine's Day hangovers that we can offer you right now. Witness a special interview session with one of our just engaged couples – Mike and Mary Jean - 122279. Listen to how their love story changed both of their lives, and discover how easy it is to achieve genuine happiness like what they are experiencing in their lives right now. Finding the right person is not hard as it seems. All you need to do is decide to do something about it. Envious and hopeful of the duo are 5 stunning Philippine women who joined the couple during this special event in their lives.

PW Video Episode 021: A REAL Date With Gorgeous Cebu Women

Be captured and experience an island date with these stunning women!
Do you have a date today? Why not come to Cebu and have on or more of these beautiful women as your date? This is another enticing video episode full of love and inspiration for you to watch. Real happiness that only Cebu can offer and a very romantic place to bring your date especially on this Valentine's Day. You might fall in love with any one of these gorgeous ladies as they smile with their hearts and introduce themselves. The only question is: Are you available for a date with these outstanding women? Come on guys! These girls are not going to wait forever, it's better to get to the Philippines NOW and actually experience this amazing adventure of a lifetime!

PW Video Episode 020: Samal Island Hopping - Philippine Valentines Wishes

A Heavenly Island Experience With Stunning Philippine Girls
Is your daily routine boring you? How about jumping off your chair and take an impromptu island experience with 7 of these beautiful Davao, Philippine girls? Allow these women to mesmerize you with their bubbly personalities as you listen to them talk about their dreams and ideals. Picture this - finally finding the woman of your dreams - she is not only beautiful on the outside, she is a shining gem on the inside as well! Walk with her hand in hand on these beautiful beaches, look into her eyes and see that everything that your heart desires is possible and standing in front of you. In this video you find out what awaits you in Davao City, Philippines! On February 14th we celebrate love of every kind. Consider opening the door by sending Valentine greetings or gifts to one or more of these lovely girls - as you listen to their hopes for future Valentines days with their special man.

PW Video Episode 019: A Boating Experience with 6 Sexy Cebu Girls

Filipino ladies on the boat and dancing in the pool in their sexy bikinis looking for love.
This video is a sexy, wondrous boating experience and dancing in the pool with six stunning, sincere Filipino women. Watch as they show off their dance moves and make you feel like getting on the plane to join them. This video is a little bit more than exciting because you will witness how these beautiful girls look and the things that they like to do at night. Hear what they are looking for in a man. They are extremely attractive and sexy women who will simply take your breath away with their beauty and character. They are also very different personalities gathered all together with a common hope of lifetime love and truly very lovable each of them. Just be ready to make Cebu your next destination after you view this video! You can actually meet these ladies and there are even thousands of others just like them with the common goal of true love.

PW Video Episode 018: A Prelude to Valentine's Day Celebration in Davao

"What do I want to do for a date on Valentine's Day?"
Behold theses stunning seven (7) Filipina ladies from Davao City express how they would like to spend their special Valentines Day with someone. Visualize yourself as that special man that she wants to share the joys of a loving relationship with. February is the busiest month of the year that cards, flowers, chocolates, balloons, cakes, perfumes, teddy bears and jewelry run out of stock. Watch this video as they share with you what are the important things in their lives as they enjoy the company of their friends sipping fresh "Buko" juice. You may be surprised to find out what is really most important to them.

PW Video Episode 017: Passionate and Sexy Ladies Exploring in an Island Escapade

Be prepared to witness 6 incredible women of Cebu.
Are you ready to explore and see these fabulous 6 women of Cebu in this video? These ladies are not joking; they are seriously seeking for a partner. Being in this relaxing atmosphere by yourself is quite fun, so if you are searching for someone beautiful and loving, why not get to Cebu and be with them?? They will be very excited to meet you!!!

PW Video Episode 016: DAVAO 2011: An Exciting Year of Engagements and Marriages

Why So Many Foreign Men Visit and Meet Davao Women and Get Married?
Many men who joined the telephone conference every Wednesday night have been asking "what type of women are these men engaged or married to and why?". "How many women have relocated and still married up to now?". Here are some answers from AFA clients who came to the Group Tour or Asian Club (individual) Tour in Davao. You have to watch this entire episode. This is REAL and genuine. This is actually happening! Do not miss every word that these men, AFA clients, say: "finding a small girl in a big world and finally found love". And most of all, never miss every word that these women say about the love of their lives. Listen to the testimonials of our newly engaged couples Tom and Glichen, Robert and Chelly, and Billy and Marites and some feedback from AFA client "Mike" on the tour. Watch these exciting and sexy videos of two (2) Davao as Cherry Ann (who is now married to a Doctor from Las Vegas) and Grechel (married to a Realtor from Hawaii) and their experiences as wives of American men. We also featured photos of introductions, happy marriages, engagements and testimonial letters of successful AFA couples. Sit back, relax and plan on coming to the NEXT tour in Davao City. You might be next in line among these happy guys who shared their fairy tale dreams with incredibly happy endings having married these stunning Philippine women you see in this video.

PW Video Episode 015: Exciting New Year's Experience In Cebu

What would you do if you were on an island with these 18 gorgeous women?
Watch them soak in the water, get wet and play volleyball. It's a different sort of fun. Similarly you will see how these 18 ladies carry themselves in their sexy outfits that showcase their individual beauty to you. These 18 ladies are selected, so be aware that you will watch a very alluring video. You might want to join them and get wet on the beach also? See their tantalizing smiles as they swim and play. Guys, this is a great New Year's video episode and a great start for the new year of 2012! What's on YOUR list of plans for 2012?

PW Video Episode 014: Christmas Special: "Pasko Fiesta sa Davao" Philippines

How They Spend Christmas and their Bundles of Christmas "Wish List"
Get excited about this video as we bring you for the first time nine (9) beautiful Philippine ladies from Davao, showing their radiant smiles, sharing their personal stories about their joys at Christmas. Hear them speak with their genuine feelings and emotions, their family traditions and all they do on Christmas Eve. See them chill and enjoy the little get-together party dinner, the simple joys that Christmas brings and their simple wishes to have YOU come and share their special moments together with their families!!. Watch our Filipino ingenuity, creativity and artistic skills, the prolific display of the different lighted Christmas trees, the array of colorful Christmas Stars called "Parol" that brings business to small-time street vendors during the season. All of this is featured in this Episode, along with the beautiful women, as we celebrate CHRISTMAS DAY! You won't want to miss this incredible video episode. Come to this destination of a lifetime - where thousands of women are waiting for YOU!

PW Video Episode 013: AFA CEBU Staff Christmas Special 2011

This is our ENTIRE Cebu staff whishing you a happy holidays!
Did you know that we had SO MANY beautiful women that actually WORK for us in Cebu!!. Be prepared and witness the other side of our show, join us in celebrating our Christmas carol special with the AFA Cebu staff. We will serenade your hearts and enjoy the variety of Christmas songs that we prepare only for you Guys! You will be astonished of how we celebrate Christmas here in Cebu. Embrace this great atmosphere and indulge the beauty of Cebu. Are you ready? Let's begin! (NOTE: Guys, please try not to marry OUR STAFF! We keep having to hire new people!!)

PW Video Episode 012: Enchanting Getaway at Eden Nature Park in Davao

Breathe in the adventure and experience fun and beauty the Eden way!
Are you ready to sky ride? In this video you will be energized to find a way to spend time with these sexy Philippine women from Davao whose intimate dreams to say "I Do" are overlooking the cityscape of Davao City? Strapped in a harness, be swept away by pure pleasure of an exciting SKY RIDE escape at Eden Nature Park. Savor the romance and take it easy in a private leisure around this 80-hectare resort. You will feel the thrill as they experience horseback riding at the Horse Park, fishing at the Fishing Village, and enjoying fun rides at the Indiana Jones arena. One client who joined the trip (who does not want to be identified) says: "these ladies are really beautiful, genuine and sincere". More men need to come "experience this for themselves". Is that YOUR future wife flying through the air?

PW Video Episode 011: Exhilarating experience at The Crown Regency

Watch how these eight attractive ladies experienced the Sky Adventure!
You might want to see how these eight stunning ladies scream and be relished with this exhilarating experience. The "Sky Experience Adventure" introduces a spectacular feat of thrill rides like the world's first Edge Coaster that goes around the edge of the building and tilts its riders up to 55 degrees!! This is an exciting adventure for you to watch. Moreover, these ladies are not just good in posing themselves in front of the camera, but also they have the great courage to experience this breath taking escapade and still manage to look HOT in front of the camera. Let's begin the Fun and enjoy these beauties of Cebu.

PW Video Episode 010: The Davao Waterfront Insular Hotel Escapade

A Sumptuous Dinner and a Relaxing Dance Retreat.
In this video, watch ten (10) of our Davao Philippine ladies dance to their heart's delight as they challenge your minds with their teasing smiles and gyrating to the tune of upbeat music. How she wishes you are here to dance with her and be her dancing partner! If you don't know how to move your feet, she will teach you how and you will fall in love with the symphony as you move your body swiftly with her. Nothing can be more rewarding for them as these Philippine women enjoyed dinner at this high-end hotel by the sea. Indulge in this nature paradise within as you watch these stunning Filipina women enjoy and island living experience without letting go of the comforts of metropolitan living where you came from.

PW Video Episode 009: Cebu: The Rebirth of their Sexiest Act

Unleash the silence and see their hidden beauty!
An exciting adventure with these 8 beautiful Cebu ladies in their sexiest bikinis. Watch how they try the wall climbing, billiards, kayaking, biking and gun shooting. It's a whole different adventure package full of fun and spicy experience. Explore and enjoy seeing them smiling and laughing. Hear them talk about the qualities of the man that they looking for because you might be the one who can capture their hearts and end their search. It's a never ending happiness ONLY here in CEBU!

PW Video Episode 008: Davao's Black Sand Beach Experience

Ten Stunning Women At High Ponds Spring Resort
A quick 30 minutes by land drive from Davao City, discover Davao's Filipino pride - High Ponds Spring Resort. You can't get closer than this as 10, beautiful, vibrant, Davao ladies experience the sun, the sea and the sky. See how our Davao women enjoy Filipino dining of rice in "palayok", grilled food, seafood, chicharones, fruits and salads served at a typical family picnic pavilion. Come join us in Davao as we feel the breeze, smell the fresh air and enjoy the fun. All in this fantastic video episode!

PW Video Episode 007: Cebu Ladies Night Out at the Wineshop

Meet 8 beautiful ladies dancing, singing and enjoying the night!
Witness this amazing night out at The Wine Shop Cebu - In this video episode you will see how these ladies groove to the beat and sing gracefully from their hearts. You might want to be their partner and grab their hands as they shake and set the dance floor on fire! It's an Italian-European cuisine restaurant where you can dine-in and dance all night long. These stunning beauties will amaze you with their incredible talents and tempting voices. Feel the beat and hear the music where the ladies are real only here in Cebu, Philippines - all on video!

PW Video Episode 006: Davao's Trick or Treat! Halloween Special

A Sexy, Spook-ta-cular and Fang-tastic Halloween Night!!!
Here we are with a bag full of Halloween surprises for YOU! In this video you find 9 stunning Davao women in their fright night garb sharing with you their traditions and experiences. See what kind of HORROR these sexy ladies have lurking in the Haunted House , a surprising camp site of Filipinos converging at the Memorial Parks of the Dead!! A lot of FUN awaits you here. Watch them dance, play and socialize at the Bonfire. This night is Eerie Alluring the moon is ghostly white…..she is here to CATCH YOU!!! Experience this night with her, but you have to COME AND VISIT DAVAO.

PW Video Episode 005: Cebu's Waterfront Bikini Pool Party

12 Incredible Women Show Off Their Stunning Figures & Bubbly Personalities
In this exciting video episode you will truly hold your breath as you see how these 12 incredible women enjoy a swim and pose in front of the cameras in their sexy new bikinis. You will witness their bright smiles and how much they enjoy the pool party fun. This outdoor event caters to some of the most beautiful ladies in Cebu as they show off their sexy curves, incredible smiles and bubbly personalities. Grab this opportunity that you won't regret and don't miss this video episode from Cebu!

PW Video Episode 004: Davao's Club Asiano Beach Experience

Let's do the rain dance!
Experience this fascinating but little known destination in Mindanao - Island Garden City of Samal (near Davao). Far beyond the reaches of the backpacking tourists, the island is rich in surprising discoveries. If you think you have heard enough, Club Asiano Beach Resort is another unheard of place being whispered around and before others do, our Davao Philippine women ventured into it's tourism potential to lure you. In this video, feel the sense of the Filipino way of welcoming you with their beautiful smiles as they enjoy the sun, the rain and the sunset. Celebrate yourself with these stunning ladies as they have fun, get wet and enjoy the experience despite the pouring rain!! You will be amazed! Only at Davao, Philippines.

PW Video Episode 003: Cebu's Lunch Out at Anzani Restaurant

A Must See Episode With Five Gorgeous Filipino Women!
Cebu's Lunch Out at Anzani Restuarant - In this video, witness a different outdoor activity with these five gorgeous Filipino women, gathered together to introduce them in an exquisite restaurant in beautiful CEBU. Watch how they glide and their smiles sing from their hearts to yours. Is one of these women the special woman for you?

PW Video Episode 002: Davao's Villa de Mercedes Philippine Pool Party

An outdoor celebration with real and beautiful Philippine Women!
Three very lucky men (AFA clients) and 13 stunningly beautiful Philippine women enjoy a fun filled day at the Villa de Mercedes resort pool in this Davao video. You also get to hear from AFA client "Billy" (one of the lucky men at the pool), and his beautiful Philippine fiancee "Marites", talk a little bit about their experiece. We must advise you to use caution when viewing this video. We have had reports of some men suddenly finding a charge for plane reservations to the Philiippines on their credit card!

PW Video Episode 001: Cebu's Vistamar Beach Excursion

Premier Episode: Eight stunning Filipina women enjoy a day at the beach!
Enjoy our premier video episode as this group of lovely ladies enjoys a special trip to Vistamar Beach near Cebu. Hear the women talk about themselves and enjoy their excursion all on AFA. The women you will meet in this video are Joan - 111854, Janice - 117385, Melinda - 121918, Rosalie - 109830, Connie - 113090, Vanessa - 120653, Opalyn Faith - 117964 and Juliet - 124681. All very REAL, beautiful, sincere women looking for ...

Our Newer Philippine Video Series Is Now Called "Philippine Monthly" View Them HERE!