Asking FILIPINAS Why They're Dating FOREIGNERS

Dating in the Philippines draws attention from single bachelors globally

Cebu Women

Dating in the Philippines draws attention from single bachelors globally, as romance with Pinays remains quite a foreign affair. Because the vast majority of Filipino women are fluent English speakers, a non-existent language barrier tends to expedite courtship processes that otherwise lag in other Southeast Asian countries.

While more men than ever dream of making connections towards lifelong love with Filipinas, the tourism restrictions that stifled travel to the islands for two years have been relaxed and foreigners are once again able to date in Cebu City.

One of the main tourist destinations in the islands, Cebu City also remains home to some of the most beautiful Asian women in the world. As most women in the Philippines are open to the idea of a WMAF (Western Male Asian Female) relationship, foreigners are setting their sights on solo travel excursions into cities like Cebu where they can date amazing Filipino women while immersed in the culture of their future life mate.

Most women in Cebu are distinctly traditionally feminine, with an overall focus on the wellbeing of their families. Once a Pinay meets the right man, he too becomes the epicenter of her world. Such traditionally feminine women have inspired foreigners from around the globe to seek out the Filipina pea to their pod. While many Western men begin to adopt alternative mindsets like MGTOW or Red Pill dating philosophies, much of the frustrations comes from failing to find a traditional wife or tradwife locally.

More often than not, many men who adhere to MGTOW or Red Pill mindsets are still interested in starting a family and finding a traditional wife, which leads many to the Philippines, where such women are still the overwhelming majority of the female population.

As more men seek to guaranty a match in the Philippines, many will cold approach Filipinas at random in the street scenes of Cebu City, where most local Pinays are quite shy, other than those few who may have deceptive intentions at hand. While you can easily start a conversation with a Filipina simply by strolling the street scenes of Cebu City, men seeking the Filipina pea to their pod are taking a hard look at matchmakers in the Philippines, who have established rapport with the Filipino women they assist.

Unlike cold approach, speed dating events organized by Cebu matchmakers often feature 100+ single Filipinas who wish to meet foreign men for the stated purposes of starting a serious relationship that lasts a lifetime. While traveling to the Philippines with a dating agency may not always guaranty a match, the dream of creating connections with Pinays during your solo travel to the islands seems to become a reality more often than not when you have an experienced matchmaker as your Filipino cupid at your side.

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